Alkaline diet – the natural way to lose weight fast

The alkaline diet is a weight loss program based on the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts and legumes. If you want to find out more about the alkaline diet take a look at the next lines. We will give you some interesting facts about this kind of regime.

The alkaline diet is also known as the acid alkaline diet and it promotes weight loss by maintaining the Ph of the body to a neutral level. During the alkaline weight loss program your diet has to be very strict and it has to contain 75% alkaline foods and 25% tolerated foods. When the foods you eat during this diet are digested, they produce an alkaline reaction and this is how you lose the extra weight.

As mentioned before, the foods that produce this reaction are the ones high in chlorophyll like: greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole cereals, dairy products and fish. Nutritionists recommend that the products you eat during the alkaline diet have to be raw or slightly boiled or steamed.

What can you eat during the alkaline diet

Here are some vegetables recommended during the alkaline diet:
–    cabbage
–    broccoli
–    cauliflower
–    unions
–    garlic
–    cucumbers
–    celery
–    artichokes
–    asparagus
–    spinach
–    leeks
–    parsley

Now, let’s find out what fruits can you eat during the alkaline diet:
–    apples
–    avocadoes
–    lemons
–    limes
–    grapefruits
–    cherries
–    apricots
–    raspberries
–    melons
–    pears

What shouldn’t you eat during Alkaline diet?

If you are on the alkaline diet you should avoid the following products:
–    eggs
–    sugar
–    coffee
–    vinegar
–    black and green tea
–    mushrooms, pasta
–    white rice
–    sodas

Another important part of this diet is hydration. You have to drink filtered water with at least 7.5 Ph. You can also drink mint tea, basil or chamomile tea.Your daily menu is based on a healthy diet that contains 3 meals/day and 2 snacks. You have to follow all the rules and eat only the permitted foods if you want to see results.

The alkaline diet doesn’t only help you lose weight but also brings a lot of health benefits. This diet helps cure liver diseases, cancer, infections and can improve your immune system. This diet has no side effects and can be followed by anyone.