Choose the Right Kind of Workout for Your Emotional State

All the people in this world know that sport is very important in everyday life and that it has amazing effects over our bodies. But how many people know that it also has amazing effects on our mind and emotions?

We know some interesting things about physical activities and about the impact different physical activities have on our minds, and we would like to share those with you.

Stress and irritation disappear easily with some exercises on your exercise bike.

Stress and irritation

Jogging is very good for depression, chronic exhaustion, and laziness.


Your ability to learn is enhanced by cardio workouts.

Your ability to learn

Your attention span can easily be increased with some power workouts.

Your attention span

Cognitive abilities are enhanced by aerobic exercises. Those also have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

Cognitive abilities are enhanced

Swimming will give you some boost if you do it in the morning and will calm your nerves if is done in the evening.


Insomnia disappears if you work out regularly.


Any physical activity releases happiness hormones into your bloodstream…

Any physical activity

Reasons for pain:

Head – stress

Shoulders – emotional burden

Arm – lack of flexibility

Hip – fear of change

Knee – big ego

Ankle – lack of joy

Foot – apathy

Leg – stress, and jealousy

Hand – isolation

Stomach – financial worries

Chest – lack of support

Neck – resentment