20 Hilarious Photos of People Who Confronted the Weather

Weather is changing all year around, so we should not be taken by surprise when there are days when the temperature is to hot or too cold. People react differently to these changes.

While most of them choose to endure it, others are making fun and prefer to “fight” the weather.

We collected 20 hilarious photos of creative people who confronted the weather in the cleverest way and we hope they will put a smile on your face.

  1. This message is subtle.


  1. It is cold, but this lady seems to go against the weather


  1. This man has found the way to cool himself in a DIY swimming pool made from a trash bin


  1. These people have a different way to bake cookies


  1. This man clearly loves ice


  1. This man really has the sense of humour by bringing his air conditioning system from home into his car.


  1. This is what happens when you are cold, but you are also creative, funny and you like knitting.


  1. This lady knows how to make fun of the scorching hot temperature


  1. There is another person who wanted to bring their air conditioning system from home into wilderness.


  1. When it’s too hot outside, but you have to do your job. This is another creative way to cope with the weather.


  1. These people have found an unconventional way to use a tractor.


  1. This man has discovered a cool place to take a nap during hot days.


  1. These people are really smart. Why stand in the sun when there is a shadow?


  1. A funny way to protect yourself from the sun.


  1. When you do not have an umbrella, but you are clever and you improvise.


  1. Marilyn Monroe is very helpful


  1. When you want to be comfortable at the beach and your imagination has no limits


  1. When you love your car so much that you want to keep it warm.


  1. The perfect wool match


  1. What do you think about his idea? It seems like he took Pimp My Ride to a next level…


Do you have a favourite among these pictures? Which idea do you consider it is the best or the funniest? Do you have a funny story about confronting the weather? If you want to, you can share your answers in the comment section.