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20 Common Things You Won’t Believe that Are Banned in Some Schools

by Jennifer
20 Common Things You Won't Believe that Are Banned in Some Schools

Some schools over the world are very strict about certain things that most of us consider being absolutely normal. Those children have a different life because of those rules.

The following banned things in those schools will most certainly surprise you because they are ridiculous.

  1. The fidget spinners

The fidget spinners

Many children across the world play with the fidget spinners because they are fun and easy to play with. However, the teachers from several schools in the USA and the UK believe these toys distract the attention of the children and they put them in danger, so they banned them. These toys were once created to help people with ADHD and autism.

  1. Hugging


Do you believe that hugging is prohibited at an elementary school from Northampton? Those kids can’t even hug their best friend. This comes from the idea that personal space is very important and they think kids need to learn not to let others approach too much. This is not accepted by the kids and their parents, but those are the rules at that school and everybody must obey. “It is going to prevent children from developing social skills during their most formative years”, one of the parents said.

  1. Father’s day cards


Father’s day cards are forbidden in Scottish schools. The teachers have implemented this rule as a way to sympathize with the kids who live with only moms.

  1. Yoga pants and leggings

Yoga pants and leggings

These clothing items are banned in a high school in Massachusetts because of the teachers’ concept that they are not appropriate for the teen because they will become adults who will work and they must dress accordingly. In other words, the girls are not allowed to distract boys’ attention.

  1. The backpacks


The backpacks are not allowed in certain schools from the USA. The children must keep them in a locker, and they have to carry in their hands their books and notebooks. The teachers decided to apply this rule because they believe the children can hide weapons in their backpacks.

  1. The acronyms and other words


Acronyms like “LOL” and words like “cheers” “hiya” are prohibited in a South Yorkshire school. The teachers want the pupils to learn proper English and they believe those words will destroy the correct communication for children.

  1. Having best friends


In the south-west of London is an elementary school that does not allow friendships. The reason behind this stupid rule is that those teachers banned kids from having a best friend because they think it will be upsetting for a kid if the friendship ends. This is strange because usually the children are encouraged to socialize, not the other way around.

  1. To celebrate Halloween and Christmas


Halloween and Christmas are banned in a school in Oregon. This happens because that school board considered that these holidays are disrespectful to the religious views of other members of their community.

  1. The rubber bands


You might not believe this, but the Bandz bracelets and other rubber bands are banned in n several American schools. The teachers say “they are a distraction” from the lessons because the kids play with them.

  1. Facebook and other social networks


An all-girls Jewish school from New York banned the using of Facebook and other social networks. They prohibited them even in their free time. Teachers from that school believe that this is the way to avoid their exposure and they will stay modest.

  1. The snowball fights


The snowball fights are banned in a school from England. Two of the pupils from that school were sent home because they were innocently having fun by playing a snowball fight. Apparently the teachers from that school believe that this way of playing in the snow is dangerous to the children.

  1. The birthday party invitations


A school in the UK banned birthday party invitations because the children did not use to invite everybody; they invited just their close friends. The teachers said, “it is uninclusive and unkind”. How can this rule teach them kindness?

  1. The toilet paper


The toilet paper is banned for craft projects in several schools from the UK. This rule is based on the fact that teachers believe the toilet paper can spread germs and bacteria.

  1. Wearing UGGs


UGGs are banned in a school from the USA because and this happens because the students made a habit of hiding their cell phones inside them while they were in the classroom. Because of this rule, the students have no choice but to change their UGGs with sneakers.

  1. The shorts for boys


A school in the UK banned shorts for boys. Because it was a heatwave and 30 boys could not endure it, they decided to wear skirts instead, and there was no rule against that. What do you think about this?

  1. Wearing hoodies


Apparently, the hoodies are places where students can hide their smartphones while they are in the classrooms, so a school from Connecticut has banned them.

  1. The dodgeball


The dodgeball is played all around the world and many young people like this game. Despite this fact, it has been banned since 2000 in most schools throughout the UK because teachers consider it “aggressive and unsafe”.

  1. Wearing hair bows


The hair bows are banned in UK schools. The reason behind this rule is that the teachers say these items do not match the official uniform dress code of the school and the students cannot concentrate on the lessons because they look at the bows.

  1. The tag game


The Tag game is banned in some schools from the USA. Although this game is common, the teachers consider it to be harmful to the children from both the physical and the emotional point of view.

  1. The red ink


This time, there is something that teachers are not allowed to use. The red ink is banned in a school in the UK because it is considered to be upsetting for the students…

Have you ever experienced a ridiculous rule at your own school or do you know other cases? Tell us in the comment section if you have found out about a banned thing that you consider it to be absurd.

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