18 Cases of Incredible Kind People

Everyday life can be taught for many people, but there are certain individuals who do not forget to have a kind heart no matter what they are going through at that moment. They know what it means to be human and they are a true inspiration for all of us to become better.

The following cases are really amazing and we can take these people as examples of kindness.

Even a small good deed can mean a lot for someone who needs help.

  1. A surprise party

This man was dancing at a party and many people laughed of him. At a certain point he was stopped. But 1,727 women lead by Cassandra Fairbanks wanted to make him feel better by throwing a party in his honour, because they wanted to see him smile and not to feel embarrassed. They used the #finddancingman hashtag to find him and this story became so popular that even Pharrell Williams and Moby and other celebrities offered to be a free DJ at their party. The ladies ‘initiative was a success – the man really enjoyed the party!

  1. This kid is showing us what it means to be human


Several kids from a classroom did not have lunch because they did not have money to buy food that day. One of their classmates noticed this, and he went home to his mother during the recess. He told her about the situation and that he wanted to share food with them. He went back to school with a box full of healthy snacks. The boy shared the snacks with his classmates who did not have lunch and everybody considers this kid as an example of what it means to be human.

  1. A good heart can touch everybody


A photographer who wanted to remain anonymous shared an emotional photo of a stranger who bought a new pair of shoes for a homeless man who has sitting barefoot in the street in Athens. When he received the shoes, he could not control his tears, because he was so impressed by the man’s kindness!

  1. Coffee for policemen


The police officers involved in the rescuing and protecting the citizens when the Chelsea, New York bomb attack took place in 2016 went through rough moments and they did not take a break to go to eat or drink coffee, because they did not want to leave the place. A man did not remain indifferent and he gave to them free pastries and coffee to regain their strength. The man wanted to show the police officers his gratitude for protecting the citizens, and other people saw this and they took his example.

  1. Every life is worth saving


This Finnish man saw a wild turtle that wondered on a highway and he took it and he move it to a safer place, far from the highway. This way, he saved the life of the wild turtle.

  1. Help for a man in a wheelchair


A Vietnam veteran named Michael Sulsona lost his legs when he stepped on a mine during the war. He was shopping at “Lowe’s” one day when his old wheelchair broke. The employees from the store helped him by replacing the worn-out details and broken parts of the wheelchair. They repaired and it worked as if it were new. The man thanked them, and they said “It was our honour”. These men are wonderful and kind!

  1. Some celebrities have a big heart


Even though Lady Gaga is famous for her eccentricity, she also has a kind heart. She took a picture with a homeless man who was his fan and he came to see her at one of her concerts with free entry.
She also gave him money. He did not expect that and he felt embarrassed because he smelled. “Don’t worry. I smell too”, she said to him. Her generosity is not because of publicity reasons. She really wanted to do a good dead, and even if it is a small gesture, it is still an act of kindness which brought the smile on that homeless man’s face.

  1. A surprise gift for a lady who is suffering from cancer


Jeremy works at “Vitamix” juicers where he is a sales representative. One day when he was working he met a woman who had cancer. They started talking about how the vitamins in fruit and vegetables work and help in the cancer treatment, and the woman said she does not afford to buy a juicer, because it was expensive and she did not have a great financial situation, her money went on her treatment. While she went on to buy other necessary things, Jeremy stopped her and offered her a brand-new Vitamix juicer that he bought from his own money right on the spot. The lady was very grateful and he hugged him while she was crying because she did not expect such a kind act. “It was just a split second that God touched me, and I knew that I had to buy it for her”, Jeremy said.

  1. A small, but important good deed


A worker at Publix named Gage saw an old man who had a loose shoelace. Due to his incapability of bending down, the old man could not tie it himself. Without being told, Gage tied both the shoelaces of the man, who was very surprised by his kind heart.

  1. A man was helped by a crowd


A man slipped while he was entering a train and he needed help because his leg got strapped between the carriage and the platform. Many people saw what happened and they all wanted to help him, so they gathered around the train and they pushed the carriage to free the man.

  1. A homeless man received a surprise from 3 young Germans


A homeless man was on a street in Germany and 3 students saw him. One of them asked the man of he can borrow his bucket because he wanted to play it like a drum. He did play it and he was accompanied by another guy with a guitar and then a girl joined them. People gathered around them to witness their improvised performance and they gave them money because they liked how they sounded. When the students ended their song, they gave the homeless man the hat with the money and he was really surprised by their kindness.

  1. If you give something, you can feel better


Phoebe was a dog that passed away. Because its owner loved Phoebe so much, they decided to make other people happy by giving them free balls in order to have joyful moments with their dogs.

  1. A man with a kind heart saved this fawn


A man found 2 fawns in his backyard one day. Because one of them had an injured leg and it could not walk, the man felt sorry for it and he took it inside his house, he made it a brace and fed it with milk until it was healed. The man could find the fawn’s mother and they were reunited in the wilderness.

  1. Several koala bears were saved from the heat


The koala bears search for help each time the temperature outside rises, because they need to cool themselves. In 2009, an Australian cyclist gave a koala bear water from his own bottle, because the poor animal was too thirsty. Other cyclists followed his example and did the same with other koalas.

  1. A caring African rapper helped a boy


A South African rapper named Duncan Scuva was shopping with a friend at a mall. Duncan saw a boy who was begging and he thought the boy was doing this to buy drugs. He gave him money, but he said to him that the money must be spent on food, not on drugs. But the boy was nothing like Duncan expected. The boy started praying just when Duncan was ready to leave. When they started talking, Duncan found out that the boy was begging not to buy drugs, but to get money to feed his family. Duncan wanted to help and he went with the boy at supermarket and bought food supplies and then they went to the boy’s home. When his mother saw the food, she started crying and she thanked Duncan for his generosity.

  1. This man risked his life to save a dog


Mark Monaghan, a firefighter, is truly a hero, because he saved a dog from the fire. Mark was not only doing his job. He cared enough to save an animal and his gesture shows us what a wonderful person he is.

  1. Any help matters


Any help is important, even though we can’t do much. This man had just one umbrella and he used it to cover a woman in a wheelchair.

  1. Real life superheroes


The children at Mattel Children’s Hospital received a big surprise on Halloween. They were visited by kind-hearted men dressed up like their favourite superheroes, for example, like Batman, who tried to cheer them up and make them feel a little bit better. The kids were very happy and thankful…

Such people make the world a better place. Have you ever done a good deed? Or if not, will you try to be a better person who puts a smile on somebody’s face just because you care about them? Tell us your opinion in the comment section.