15 Amazing Heroic Animals

The animals make our life better, because in most cases we keep them as pets that become our best friends.

When we are petting them we get positive energy and we feel much better, and by taking care of them we learn how to be responsible and we find out what is loyalty.

The people are the ones who save the animals frequently. Some animals, however, are an example of bravery and they seem to have a 6th sense because they realise when something bad is going to happen and their instinct tells them to take action. It does not matter if they are domestic or wild; in some cases they risk their own life to save humans.

In this article we show you 15 incredible cases when the animals did their best and managed to rescue people.

Read forward to see how heroic these animals are! You will love the animals even more.

The mother bear that saved a man

An experienced mountain hiker named Robert Biggs was exploring the woods of California when he stopped to observe a mother bear with her child. In the same time he was attacked from behind by a mountain lion. He protected his face with his backpack, but his life was in danger and he might not have survived if it weren’t for the mother bear that pounced on the lion and chased it away into the woods. Robert Biggs got out safely; he only had minor injuries, thanks to the mother bear.

The dolphins that shielded a man from sharks

heroic animals 2

A British swimmer named Adam Walker took part at an 8-hour marathon in the Pacific Ocean. While he was swimming, a shark came near him, putting his life in danger. He would have been killed by the shark if a group of dolphins hadn’t shielded him. The story doesn’t end here. The dolphins protected the man for the next hour, until he reached the safe zone. Adam Walker had a dream of swimming with dolphins and also to complete the 8-hour marathon, and his dream came true, but at the same time his life was saved by the dolphins, which is really wonderful. There are many cases when dolphins saved people’s life.

The protective elephant

heroic animals 3


Sometimes, there is nothing like a true friendship. Darrick Thomson started shouting to attract the attention of his baby elephant, but the animal misinterpreted his shouts as cries for help and embraced Thomson with its trunk and pushed him to the shore.

The whale that protected a biologist

heroic animals 4

A whale biologist named Nan Hauser was in the Pacific Ocean for research purposes and she dived there. While she was underwater, a tiger shark approached and her life was in danger. However, a whale protected the biologist until she got safely to the surface where the team was. This species is known for protecting other species underwater. Nan Hauser said she was very impressed by how the whale rescued her against the tiger shark by using its huge body to shelter her.

The 3 lions that saved a girl

heroic animals 5

3 lions rescued a 12-year-old girl in Ethiopia. The poor girl was the victim of 4 men who held her captive for a week. All those days she was beaten and those men tried to force her to marry. When they realised the police was on their way to catch them, those men run with the girl who was their hostage. Even though they tried to get far, they were stopped by 3 lions, who thought that the girl, who was crying at the moment, was a baby lion, so they surrounded her and they protected her without doing her any harm. Those 3 lions attacked the 4 men and scared them until they run away, and the girl was safe. The lions protected her until the police arrived and caught those 4 men.

The rabbit that saved its owner

heroic animals 6

A diabetic man was rescued by his rabbit, Dory. The man lost consciousness while he was watching TV with his wife, who did not notice that something happened to him, she thought he was just asleep. Dory sensed his owner was in danger and it jumped onto his chest, and it tapped intensely, until his wife saw that he did not respond. Once she noticed, she called the ambulance and the man was rescued.

The brave dog that saved a girl

heroic animals 7

A Doberman named Khan showed bravery and it even risked its own life to save his owner’s toddler, Charlotte, from a huge venomous snake attack. The girl and the dog were playing in the garden one day when a snake approached. The dog sensed the danger and tried to protect the child by pushing her one meter away. In this time, the dog was bitten, but fortunately, the vet was called by Charlotte’s mother. They are all doing fine right now, and the dog is seen as a local hero, they call it “Khan the Wonder Dog”.

The courageous goat

heroic animals 8

Speedy is a pet goat and belongs to a little girl named Abigail. She received the goat as a birthday present and they got really attached to each other. But Speedy is not just a pet goat, but a true life saver. They were sleeping in the living room one day when a fire started. Speedy smelled the fire and started jumping on Charlotte’s chest to wake her up. When she was awake, she run to her parents to tell them something was wrong and they saw their garage was on fire. Although the house was severely damaged, they managed to get out safely, and all of this because of their beloved Speedy.

The fearless pig that rescued its family from a fire

heroic animals 9

A pig named Lucky is the hero of its family. One morning, there was a fire started into the house. Ina Farler and her grandmother did not notice the smoke, but the pig smell it and warned them by running around the house and feeling very uneasy. All the Farler family was able to get out from the house before it burned to the ground. It is very likely nobody would have survived if it weren’t for Lucky, the life saver pig.

The heroic elephant that saved a girl from a tsunami

heroic animals 10

A girl named Amber Owen was on holiday with her family in Thailand in 2014, when the tsunami disaster took place. Just before it started, one morning she was riding Ning Nong the Elephant, and everything seemed ok. However, the elephant noticed something was wrong and it started moving back from the sea. A huge wave was approaching and the elephant ran away with the girl on his back and took her to a safe place where she was able to climb down without getting hurt in some way. Michael Morpurgo, a famous British writer, was inspired by the heroic elephant and he wrote a play about this impressive case.

The gorilla that rescued a baby

heroic animals 11


There is no secret that some gorillas love children very much. A little boy was visiting the Brookfield Zoo when he suddenly fell down into gorilla’s enclosure. This would have had terrible consequences for the poor boy if he hadn’t been protected by Binti Jua the Gorilla against the other gorillas from the enclosure. Binti Jua gently carried the boy to a safe place to be away from the other gorillas and then the staff members of the zoo took him out. The boy had no serious injuries, and everybody was amazed about Binti Jua’s caring attitude towards him.

The cat that saved a newborn baby

heroic animals 12

This incredible real story took place in Russia and involves a newborn baby who was abandoned by his parents. The baby was put in a box and left in a cold stairwell. He was rescued by a stray cat that sat upon him in the box. The cat’s fur kept the baby warm and because of this, he did not freeze to death. The cat started meowing as if it was calling for help and the neighbours heard it and come to see what was happening. They were shocked and amazed at the same time when they saw the cat protecting the newborn baby. The cat was named Misha and it became the local hero.

The 9/11 heroic dogs

heroic animals 13

Following the 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Centre, about 100 dogs helped to search and rescue the people caught under the rubble. They were scouting day and night and with their exceptional smell they found a large number of victims and they even comforted them until the authorities came to take them out.

The parrot that saved a child

heroic animals 14

Many people get amused when they hear some parrots imitating human speech. But nobody can explain the next case. Willie the Parrot said exactly what it supposed to at the right moment. The parrot and his family, the Howards, were in the kitchen having breakfast. The owner’s girl, Hanna, was left alone with the parrot for just a moment, and she started chocking on her food. Willie shouted “Mama, baby!” really loudly, and the mother came back to the kitchen. Even though the little girl was in critical condition, she was rescued thanks to the parrot that now is considered their hero.

The Beluga that rescued a diver

heroic animals 15

Yang Yun, who participated at a diving competition with whales in a deep tank of extremely cold water, had a leg cramp and she could not move. Her life was in danger because there was no diving equipment provided for this contest and she started to drown at the depth of 20 feet. A Beluga whale named Mila sensed that there was something wrong and pushed Yang to the surface, rescuing her life.


It is surprising and really wonderful what these animals and others like them are capable to do to rescue somebody. We should be more thankful towards animals and we should appreciate and take care of them as much as we can, because sometimes they prove to be more kind hearted than many humans. There are many cases where the animals were better than humans and we should learn from their kindness. We can only admire the people who realised the importance of animals. One such person is Kevin Richardson, who is established in South Africa with his big family. He is called The Lion Whisperer, because he loves the big cats and he is not afraid of hugging them. He lives with his family with leopards, lions and hyenas…

Have you experienced or heard about a situation where an animal was heroic? Tell us your story in the comment section.

Photo credit: Getty Images