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10 Myths About Healthy Food

by Jennifer
10 Myths about healthy food

There are so many incorrect ideas about healthy eating. Sometimes people deprive themselves of too much, even though it is not necessary. It is very hard to get rid of all those preconceived ideas about what is and what is not healthy, but we have made up al list with the most common myths about healthy eating.

Eating after 6 pm is bad for your health

This is not true at all. Nowadays people go to sleep way later than the people a few decades before we did. So the truth is that you should eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep and the dinner should be light.

Fat is harmful

This is not completely true. There are two types of fat: healthy fat and unhealthy fat. You should avoid eating the last one which is found in products such as cookies, sausages, or mayonnaise. The healthy fat is actually helpful. It helps at metabolizing vitamins A and E and at your digestion. The lack of fat leads to skin aging faster and damage to your liver.

Snacks are unhealthy

Your body needs an energy boost from time to time. You only have to be careful to balance your snack, opt for some nuts or fruit.

All organic food is healthy

Carbohydrates should be avoided

There are simple and complex carbs. You should definitely avoid simple carb that you found in products such as sugar, chocolate, honey, jam, sweet fruits, drinks, and white bread. But if you want to have a healthy diet and a healthy life, you have to consume complex carbs. Those carbs are found in grains, beans, berries, vegetables, and greens.

Fruits and vegetables are useless after refrigeration

Nowadays, freezing technologies have evolved that much that the fruits and vegetables preserve almost all their healthy elements while refrigerating.

Separating nutrients helps you lose weight

There is no scientific evidence that was separating nutrients helps you have a much healthier life. Our digestive tract produces enzymes that can handle all the nutrients at the same time. People who choose to eat this way cut energy consumption and this leads to weight loss.

Brown bread is healthier than white bread

Brown bread is not necessarily healthier. The color should be a result of the addition of caramel in the dough. The healthier kinds of bread that you should eat are whole-grain bread and crispy bread.

Juices are as beneficial as the fruit themselves

The juices have not that many vitamins and minerals as the fruit itself. So it is better just to eat the fruit than drink juice made out of it…

Sushi and rolls are diet food

White rice that is used in making this kind of food, it is not the healthiest product. Even if you will not gain too much weight from eating white rice, the soy sauce, mayonnaise, and the fatty cheese that is used to make sushi and rolls are the ones that lead to weight gain.

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