10 Myths About Healthy Eating

Whether on a strict diet or just trying to eat healthier, we often tend to substitute harmful foods with healthier options.

The fact is there are some so-called „healthy foods” that are not even close to being healthy, they often contain more calories. Read about some of them in this article.

1. Apple Juice vs. Coke

Just like any other fruit juice, apple juice contains a large amount of sugar, so more calories. Replacing a Coke with a carton of juice will not help you lose weight. Try drinking clear water, give up juices of any kind.

  1. Fresh Vegetables vs. Cooked Ones

Fresh vegetables vs. Cooked ones

It has been proven that some cooked vegetables contain more nutrients than the fresh kind. Take, for example, tomatoes, if they are steamed or stewed, they offer more lycopene, which protects your heart. Boiled carrots are healthier. In your meals, eat balanced quantities of both kinds.

  1. Eating Sushi

Eating sushi

It is considered that sushi is low on carbohydrates and it can replace a hamburger. The fact is the salmon sushi contains more carbs that the burger, so be careful what you choose.

  1. Soy Sauce vs. Salt

Soy sauce vs. Salt

Substituting salt with soy sauce is not such a wise choice. In fact, soy sauce contains more salt than your body needs, and only one meal containing sauce can determine you to overdose salt. Use small quantities of salt instead, choose the Himalaya type, which is healthier.

  1. Sugar vs. Honey

Sugar vs. Honey

Honey used as a sweetener instead of sugar can bring more calories in our bodies. If you want to lose weight fast, you shouldn’t use any of these, just make do with the sugar you get from fresh fruit.

  1. Dried vs. Fresh Fruit

Dried vs. Fresh fruit

Sometimes you can’t know the origin of the dried fruit, so it might have added sugar syrup. For a quick snack, go for fresh fruit.

  1. Popcorn Snacks

Popcorn snacks

Popcorn is not an enemy of your figure, on the contrary. It is very good for your health if it’s cooked in hot air. Popcorn contains fiber and antioxidants that prevent early aging and help your digestion. Small portions are ok when you feel the need for a snack.

  1. Eating Cheese

Eating cheese

There are some false rumors that cheese contains a lot of calories that prevent you from losing weight. These are myths because cheese is very good for your health, it contains more calcium than milk. In fact, cheese also contains linoleic acid that helps burn fat.

  1. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption

In small amounts, alcohol doesn’t do harm. Let’s take red wine, for example. One glass a day helps your blood circulation and it breaks cholesterol deposits off the blood vessels’ walls.

  1. Using Natural Oils

Using natural oils

Keep in mind that some oils should not be used for cooking, just for salads. Linen oil, when heated to a high temperature, releases toxic substances known as unsaturated acids.


Eating Fat-Free Products

Eating fat-free products

When on a strict diet you buy only 0% fat products, from dairy to desserts. Most of the time, these fats are replaced by preservatives and harmful substances to give some flavor to that product. Dairy products carry important vitamins like D, E, A, and K in the fat, so eliminating it it gets rid of the vitamins too…