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10 Amazing Exercises to Do at Work to Stay Fit

by Jennifer
10 Amazing Exercises to do at Work to Stay Fit

You are too busy going to the gym, but do you really want to stay fit? There is one amazing way to do so: office fitness.

We decided to make up a list with a few things that you can easily do at work, and that will for sure help you stay fit. Take a look and give it a try.

Calligraphy Artist

In the beginning, you should try to write with the tip of your nose different letters. Then you should start writing words, at first from left to right than the other way around.

The Great Thinker

Put your elbows on your desk and your chin up on your thumbs. With your chin, you should push down as hard as you can. Count to twenty, take a short pause and then repeat the move four more times.

Prepare to Fight

Clench and unclench your fist forcefully for a few times. Then with your wrists, you should make some circular movements and after that finally, shake your hands freely.

Master Yoda

Put the tips of your fingers together and push them towards each other for 20 seconds. Relax for a few seconds and then repeat. Do this 10 times.

Exercise with a Book

With a thick book between your knees, you should stand up from time to time. This exercise should be repeated until your knees start to buckle with strain.

Up, Down, and Around

Raise one foot then raise the other one, pulling the forefoot towards yourself and then stretching it. You should repeat this 20 times on each foot.

Student at a Lecture

With your hands on the back of your neck, put your head on the desk. Keep this position for one minute and the pressure will disappear.

Knees to Stomach

While you sit on a chair, get your legs up to your stomach. This exercise should be repeated for twenty times.

Strain and Relax

If you want to have a flat ab and nice buttocks, this is the exercise. Strain and relax your muscles in five sets, 20 times per set.

Waist of a Bee

Hold on to your desk and swing from left to right, keeping your back straight. Repeat this for twenty times.


Writing on a keyboard can cause pain to your fingers and wrists. If you want to relieve the pain, you should bend all of your fingers down towards your palm, one at a time and every single finger – do this for some seconds. Repeat this movement both with your left and right hand…

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