What Is Your Type of Body Fat and How to Lose Weight

There are many types of body fat and just as many weight loss programs that help you get rid of it, but do you know what it is your type in order to lose weight in an efficient way? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

Most diets do not work because people need different approaches. By learning the most common 6 types of body fat, you will be able to see which type corresponds to you and what you need to do to lose weight for real.

  1. Lower Body Fat

Lower body fat

The lower body fat is caused mainly by the excess of gluten. As a consequence, you must adopt a gluten-free diet, and you must not skip breakfast. You also should burn the fat by walking up hills and stairs.

  1. Lower Body Fat, Including Lower Legs

Lower body fat, including lower legs

This type of fat is mostly found at pregnant women or at the ones who have leg vein problems. The first thing you must do is to avoid salty foods because fluid retention is caused by them. It also helps if you walk 30 minutes or more every day.

  1. Full Upper Body Fat

Full upper body fat

If you have full upper body fat, this happens because you consume more calories than you burn. This type of body fat is represented by overeating and physical inactivity. You can lose weight by making a routine of at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day or another physical activity like running, swimming, walking, and you must not consume refined sugar or sugar-sweetened drinks anymore, because they have many calories and no nutrients.

  1. Large Stomach With Upper Back Fat


This type of fat is caused in most cases by inactivity. If your large stomach and back fat bothers you, it is a sign that you must do physical exercises. You must also be careful to sleep enough, because the tiredness can change the way your hormones work and it can also increase the appetite, and all these lead to weight gain. It is recommended to eat rich with fiber foods because they are helpful in reducing the appetite and calorie absorption.

  1. Swollen Stomach

Swollen stomach

One of the most frequent causes of the swollen stomach is excessive alcohol consumption. Evidently, to get rid of this type of fat, you must stop consuming alcohol. It is also helpful if you divide your food into smaller portions and eat more often. These aspects will improve your metabolism and they will help you burn the fat. Another good thing is the fact that you will be more energetic.

  1. Lower Abdomen Fat

Lower abdomen fat

This type of body fat is stored because of anxiety, stress, and depression. Of course, the right method to get rid of the fat is to avoid all the stress and other emotions which make you sad, to lower the cortisol, the stress hormone which causes the weight gain in the belly. Besides that, you should drink green tea because it helps the fat burning process, and also you should meditate and do breathing exercises.

In conclusion, if you eat healthy, you do physical exercises and you get enough sleep, without stressing yourself, you will be able to lose weight. These are the basis of a healthy and fit body…

How about you? How do you keep your figure in shape? Do you follow a certain diet? Have you experienced weight loss? Tell us if you have any recommendations or if you want to share your helpful tricks with us.