Top 10 Workout Channels on YouTube

Many of us really want to stay fit and healthy, and we all know that exercise is the best way to do that. But for many of us, going to the gym is not the best solution. Some of us find going to the gym either tedious or expensive. Luckily for you, there are many YouTube channels with workouts that are more than useful.

Because we want to help our readers stay fit and healthy, we decided to make up a list of the best workout channels on YouTube.


Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor, whose workouts from YouTube will help you get in shape real quick. She accompanies all her videos with very popular songs. Her routines combine elements of Pilates and aerobics, which are incredibly useful. And luckily for you, most of her videos are very short, so it will not take you a long time to work out.

Official Barstarzz

The people making these videos think and want to prove that you can do a very effective workout with no equipment. According to their videos, you can work out anywhere. If you got bored with your workouts, you should check out Barstarzz channels.

Strength Camp

Elliott Hulse, a professional strongman, helps every viewer become the strongest person of herself/himself. For some of his workouts, you may need extra equipment. So before starting one of his exercises, you should make sure you have all the equipment required.

Club Fitz

On this channel, you found wonderful dance workouts that are easy to do even at home. Most of the videos are recordings of live sessions, so you will get the feeling that you are doing your dance workout together with the group.


Scooby is a 54-year-old engineer who proves that fitness and workouts know no age. This is the kind of channel which you should visit if you want to get in shape, but you either do not have time to go to the gym or can’t afford a personal trainer.

Yoga with Adriene

These videos allow you to do yoga in your own home. Many types of yoga are presented in Adriene’s videos. You can find routines for any occasions or moods such as yoga in the workplace or yoga for headaches.

Fitness Blender

This channel belongs to a married couple that shows to the viewers that working together with your partner not only that is less boring, but has a lot of benefits. They even show you the number of calories you’ve burned during the training.

Six-pack Stomach

This is a channel that helps you if you want to get a flat stomach or six-pack abs. The owner of the channel also gives you essential nutrition advice, which will help you even more to achieve your goal.

Sarah Fit

Sarah is a professional fitness trainer and blogger. She will make you love healthy living. She also has healthy recipes on her channel.

Body Rock

This channel offers you workout routines that can be done anywhere and anytime. The videos on this channel help you burn a lot of calories and boost your metabolism.

Tone it Up

The beach views in the videos and the sound of the waves will create a fantastic ambiance, which will help you relax your mind during training. Eating tips are also something you will find on this channel…