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The 17 day diet by Mike Moreno

by Jennifer
The 17 day diet by Mike Moreno

The 17 day diet has been created by the doctor Mike Moreno. This regime has become more and more popular since its appearance, and people of all ages start following it every day. We think maybe you don’t know everything about this amazing weight loss program. That is why we decided to help you with some useful information about the 17 day diet. Find out more about this healthy way of losing the extra kilos and decide weather you want to use it or not.

The 17 day diet represents 4 cycles which can be adjusted for each person. The main idea of this diet is that your metabolism will reach a stage of  “confusion” and it will start to burn more fats. This diet guarantees great results. You have to follow all the steps and see how you will start losing weight.

The 4 cycles of the 17 day diet

As mentioned above, the 17 day diet consists in 4 cycles or stages. There are 3 stages of weight loss and one stage of maintenance of your new weight. You have to pay attention to all these stages if you want to achieve great results. If you cheat, the whole diet is compromised and all your efforts will have been in vain.

Here are the 4 cycles of this diet

Cycle 1: Accelerate ( days 1-17)

This is the most important part of the 17 day diet. During this cycle you will have strict eating habits and you can only consume a specific number of calories/day. You will lose all your water weight and your metabolic rate will accelerate.

You have to eat only 1200 calories/day. That is why you can consume lean meat, light dairy, fruits, vegetables, legumes that don’t contain starch, green tea and a lot of water.

Cycle 2: Activate ( days 18-34)

During this cycle, your metabolism will reset. How? Your caloric consumption will vary in order to stimulate fat burning. You can increase your caloric intake up to 1500 calories/day and you can add natural starches to your menus.

Cycle 3: Achieve ( days 35- 51)

This cycle actually represents a stabilization period. During this stage you can start eating more carbs and proteins. You can also eat more cereals and fruits, and you are allowed to include in your menu daily snacks ( 100 calories) and even a glass of alcohol. Your weight loss process will slow down.

If after this cycle you are not satisfied with the weight you lost, you can start the first cycles again or you can stick to the 3rd cycle until your reach your goals.

Cycle 4: Arrive

During this cycle you will maintain the new weight with healthy eating habits. Your meals should include all the foods from the other cycles but you can also eat your favourite foods and snacks during the weekend. Don’t exaggerate with your favourite products if you want to maintain that perfect weight.

What should you avoid eating during the 17 day diet?

There are some foods you should avoid when following this 17 day diet. Here is what you are not allowed to eat:

–    Sugar: all types of sugar
–    Soda
–    Honey
–    Bad fats: saturated and trans fats
–    Salty foods
–    Spices

What can you eat during the 17 day diet?

Cycle 1

–    Fish: salmon, code, light tuna
–    Poultry
–    Eggs
–    Vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, carots, artichoke, lettuce, onions, spinach, tomatoes, etc
–    Fruits
–    Greek yogurt
–    Olive oil
–    Flaxseed  oil
–    Water
–    Coffee
–    Green tea

Cycle 2

–    All kind of proteins
–    Shellfish
–    Lean meat
–    Whey
–    Tofu
–    Full fat yogurt
–    Fruits
–    Natural starches
–    Whole grains
–    Legumes: black beans, peas, soy beans, split peas
–    Sweeteners

Cycle 3

–    Proteins
–    Natural starches
–    Bread
–    Cereals
–    Pasta
–    Vegetables
–    Fruits
–    Dairy products
–    Light mayonnaise
–    Nuts and seeds
–    Canola oil
–    Avocados
–    Low fat cheese

Cycle 4

During this cycle you can eat all the foods mentioned above and one day/week you can eat your favourite meals and your favourite alcoholic dinks. But you can only have 1 or 2 glasses.

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