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How safe is this diet Hcg diet

by Jennifer
Hcg diet

The Hcg diet is an extreme way to loose the extra weight. It is a complex method which requires medical attention. We will give you all the information you need on the Hcg diet and then it’s up to you to follow it or not.

Hcg diet

The Hcg diet involves injections of the human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone provided only by pregnant women. This hormone gives the fetus the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The Hcg diet combines these daily injections with a 500 calorie diet.

This regime has become more and more popular over the years, and today many people use it to lose weight fast. It is presumed that the Hcg hormone reduces the appetite, but this is just a fact which hasn’t been proved in a scientific way. Also, there is a big chance that after this diet, you will gain weight again.

Not everyone can follow the Hcg diet. People suffering from kidney or heart diseases shouldn’t start this program. Even perfectly healthy people can get sick after following this regime because in the first month you can only eat 500 calories/day. You can consume vegetables and proteins and no dairy or carbs. Your entire body can suffer because of these restrictions.

Rules of the Hcg diet

There are some strict rules you have to follow during the Hcg diet.

1.    During this program you are not allowed to use any kind of oils.
2.    You can eat vegetables, but only one vegetable/meal.
3.    You are not allowed to use body lotions.
4.    You are not allowed to exercise.

If you follow these rules, you should lose about one kg in a day. But keep in mind that the risks are very high.

Side effects of the Hcg diet:

1.    Because your calories intake is very low, you could develop gall bladder or kidney stones. You can start to feel weak, you could begin to experience mood changes and irregular heart beats.

2.    You can only eat 500 calories/day but your body needs al least 1.300 to function normally. That is why you could start to feel dizzy and hungry.

3.    During the Hcg diet you will lose weight fast but you will also gain weight fast after you finish the program. This could bring cardiovascular problems.

4.    There are many other health problems that could appear during this diet: blood cloths, headaches, depression.

5.    The Hcg diet could prevent you from discovering some forms of cancer, because some tumors can secrete this Hcg hormone.

6.    This hormone can rise the testosterone level and men can develop acne and other problems.

After finding out so much about the Hcg diet, will you decide to follow it? If you consider that this program is right for you, you can start it, but make sure you talk to a specialist in the medical field before. Only a doctor can say for sure if you should or shouldn’t start this diet. As you can see, there are many side effects and the Hcg diet can bring a lot of health problems…

Although you can probably find many people to brag that the Hcg diet helped them to lose weight, you have to take all the necessary precautions before using this program.


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