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Sacred heart diet – 7 days diet plan

by Jennifer
Sacred heart diet

Sacred heart diet is very similar to the cabbage soup diet and over the years it received different names. In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about this program.

Sacred heart diet appeared many years ago. This regime was created by certain specialists form the cardiology department of a hospital that treated overweight patients with cardiovascular diseases.

What is the main principle of sacred heart diet?

The sacred heart diet consists in consuming a lot of soup. During the first week of dieting you will lose between 5-10 kilos. During this first week you will lose mostly water weight. You will gain this weight very fast once you finish the diet. So you have to be careful with your eating habits.

Although the sacred heart diet brings short term benefits we consider that this weight loss program is pretty efficient. Many diets promise you miracles in regard to weight loss. This diet doesn’t promise you magical results but it really works.

7 days diet plan

Here is a 7 day plan for the sacred heart diet. Follow it and lose the extra weight that bothers you. Remember that you have to eat a certain soup every day.

Day 1- You can eat any fruits except bananas. Try to eat melons, watermelons because these fruits contain few calories. This day you can only eat soup and fruits.

Day 2 – You can eat any kind of vegetables. Eat fresh, boiled or canned vegetables. Try to eat green vegetables and avoid beans, peas and corn. Don’t eat any fruits. Eat only vegetables and soup.

Day 3 – You are allowed to eat soup and any kind of fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat potatoes.

Day 4 – You can eat bananas and non-fat milk. Eat at least 3 bananas. Don’t forget about the soup.

Day 5 – You can eat beef meat and tomatoes: 300-600 g of meat and as many tomatoes as you like (you should eat at least 6 tomatoes). Don’t forget about the soup.

Day 6 – In this day you can eat beef meat and vegetables. You can eat 2-3 steaks with a garnish of green vegetables. Eat at least a bowl of soup.

Day 7 – You can eat brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and vegetables. Of course you have to remember to eat your soup.

Soup recipe

–    1-2 canned tomatoes
–    3 green onions
–    2 cups of beef soup
–    1 celery
–    350 g of green beans
–    1 kg of carrots
–    2 green peppers
–    Salt/pepper/curry/parsley

Preparation: chop the vegetables and put them on the stove covered with water. Boil them until they are done.

What can you drink during the sacred heart diet?

There are some beverages you can drink when you are on the sacred heart diet:

–    Unsweetened juices
–    Herbal teas
–    Coffee
–    Cranberry juice
–    Not-fat milk
–    A lot of water

We think that the sacred heart diet is useful for those who want to lose weight fast. We can’t assure you that you won’t gain back those extra kilos after the diet is over. But we consider you should try it!

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