How to Recognize an Irritating Person Online

People tend to post everything online. While some of them are really interesting, others bother us with their photos and posts. They irritate us and we do not really know what exactly annoys us about them.

We collected the most common things that irritate us and with their help you can recognize an irritating person on the Internet. By observing these things, you will be more aware of the people you interact with.

  • The person who posts many slightly identical photos

social media 2

Why is it not enough to post just one? What is the purpose of posting a lot of similar photos? Many people are irritated by this.

  • If a person posts too many jokes and/or quotes

It can be really exhausting to see in your newsfeed a lot of this kind of posts, because they are irritating. They spread quickly and most of the people have already seen them.

  • The mysterious person

Many people are irritated when they see posts described vaguely like “I was just a step away from my dream, but the Universe said ‘No.’”.

  • The person who posts something random each day

This type of person is capable to post even when it’s their first time at the gym or other similar “event”. Nobody is interested to see that their child has learnt to sit up or something like that. Nobody cares what they had for breakfast either. Only their close friends would want to see what they are doing each and every single moment. Or not even them.

  • The show off type

The person who likes to show off by posting extravagant things about their life is considered annoying by most people. Everything that can cause envy among them if is considered irritating, no matter if we talk about an expensive object or romantic aspects of your love life. The worst kind are the ones who are faking innocence and they ask a sarcastic question just to highlight what they have and you don’t:  “Oh, I’ve tried on all the clothes in this store! I’m so tired! Big breasts and a thin waist are such a punishment. I bought nothing!”. Or: “Guys, does anyone know where I can have my iPhone X fixed? The price doesn’t matter”.

  • The person who shares personal information

Many people have the habit of sharing personal information and this is very annoying because they do not use the private chat, instead they comment or post something too personal. For example, people who comment or post on your timeline something like “Jess, it was a really cool party yesterday!” may upset you, because maybe you do not want to share this information to everybody. Not every person is so communicative and willing to share any detail of their life.

If you do not want to be irritating anymore or if you do not want to become annoying, there are a few things to take into consideration:

– When it comes to your Facebook posts, keep in mind it is recommended to have a positive goal, like sharing beautiful or funny things, saying something useful, posting interesting facts – not to brag about what expensive things you bought or received as a present, because most people are not interested about this and you will be avoided by them, they will even label you as annoying. You can share your personal experiences if you maintain a cool attitude.

– Post only the photos you would use in a physical photo album or if you would want to sell it for profit. You do not have to be a professional photographer, but you must think how the others will perceive your photos. Share only your best photos and everybody will admire them, instead of laughing at you or to avoid you. It is ok if you post something you cannot resist to, but keep in mind to do this very rarely, because this way people will not consider you irritating. The best thing to still post frequently anything you like, but without being annoying, is to post it on social media stories.

– If you want to post tons of photos of something you like, you can create a blog or a website and you can upload them there without worrying that you will become irritating. You can promote your website or blog by sharing its link on the social media accounts, and the people who are interested to see your photos will be able to do that by simply clicking it. You can do this even when you want to share your thoughts. If you share your opinions on a daily basis and you write a large post each time, maybe you should consider having a blog, because you can create one for free and you have a large space where you can write without being considered irritating. Your blog will be read by those people who are really interested. For example, if you post a lot about children or animals, you can share there your opinions and photos. You will even make new friends among the people who will read and comment on your blog posts…

Can you think about other things that irritate you on the social media accounts? What do you suggest to those who post something that irritates you? Tell us in the comment section.