Low Carb Diet – Plans and How to Have Good Results

Low carb diet helps you lose weight quickly by cutting the starchy carbohydrates out of the eating plan, but it is also recommended in maintaining low and stable blood glucose levels. In this article, we present to you everything you need to know about this regime.

A low carb diet is based on a healthy eating plan with natural foods and a reduced level of carbohydrates.  The researches made by experts prove that this kind of diet represents a good option for people who want to lose weight fast, improve their health, and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

When you decide to follow a low carb diet, you need to be correctly informed and start making easy changes to reduce the number of carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index. Then, you need to choose a proper meal plan according to a low carb diet, which will make you eat without white flour products, white rice, potatoes, sugars, and to reduce the quantity of milk.

You are allowed to eat some good low carbohydrates as onions, cauliflower, and tofu. Starchy carbs help the body retain water and fats in your body, which give you extra pounds. When you chose to follow a low carb diet, it means you cut the starchy carbs from your meals. When you do so, the water is no longer retained, and your body will burn the fats to get energy so you can lose weight. Plus, the proteins from the low carb diet will improve your metabolism and will help you lose more weight.

Low Carb Diet Menus

There are plenty of delicious meals to choose from when following a low carb diet. For example:


Breakfast options

– One scoop of whey protein powder mixed into skimmed milk (200 ml/ 8 oz.)
– One natural yogurt (125 g/5 oz.) with three handfuls any fresh or frozen berry, one chopped apple, and seven almonds
– Two scrambled eggs with how much-grilled tomatoes and mushrooms you want
– Two slices of grilled turkey bacon with no sugar baked beans (200 g/8 oz.)

Lunch options

– low-fat hummus (150 g /6 oz.) with unlimited quantities of raw vegetables of your choice
– brine or canned in water tuna (200 g/8 oz.) mixed with two teaspoons of  low-fat mayonnaise on a bed of  lettuce leaves and grated carrot
– low-fat mozzarella (75 g/3 oz.) with unlimited quantities of tomatoes and one teaspoon of pesto of your choice
– half of the supermarket salad of your choice with three slices of lean ham, roast beef, turkey or chicken meat (150 g /6 oz.) and a low-fat cheese piece, plus one boiled egg

Snacks options

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– One handful of nuts
– One dice-sized cube of cheese with a handful of grapes
– skimmed milk (200 ml/8 oz.) mixed with one scoop of whey protein powder
– Two pieces of any fruit

Dinner options

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– One large roasted mushroom with one tsp. of red or green pesto and 200 g/8 oz. canned butter beans boiled, drained and mashed with a bit of natural yogurt and unlimited quantity of broccoli or green beans.
– two large grilled chicken sticks or 100 g/4 oz. chicken breast with as many stir-fry vegetables as you want (cooked in oil spray with a little garlic)
– lean steak grilled or pan-fried (100 g /4 oz.), with three tabs. of low-fat coleslaw and as many green beans as you want
– white fish baked (100 g /4 oz.) with unlimited quantity of  red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and handful of black olives


Breakfast: Greek yogurt with raspberries and pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Chickpea and tuna salad and strawberries

Dinner: Beef goulash

Pudding: Rhubarb fool

Choose from snacks, including granary bread with peanut butter, avocado, Greek yogurt, crudites, and nuts.


Breakfast: Porridge with almonds, blueberries and pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Mackerel salsa wrap

Dinner: Chicken casserole with broccoli

Pudding: Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries

Choose from snacks, including nuts, wholemeal rice cakes with peanut butter, and crudites with guacamole.


Breakfast: Mushroom omelet with mushrooms and grilled tomato

Lunch: Creamy chicken and mushroom soup and Greek yogurt with raspberries

Dinner: Beefburger with a green salad

Pudding: Summer berry posset

Choose from snacks, including oatcakes with light cream cheese, nuts, and avocado.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg on granary toast with mushrooms

Lunch: Beef and barley soup and Greek yogurt

Dinner: Italian-style braised lamb steaks with brown rice and broccoli

Pudding: Microwave mug: Chocolate, banana and almond cup with half-fat crème fraîche

Choose from snacks, including nuts, cheese, and guacamole with crudites.


Breakfast: Wholemeal toast with grilled bacon and mushrooms

Lunch: Bang bang chicken salad

Dinner: Coq au vin with broccoli

Pudding: Hot chocolate

Choose from snacks, including raspberry smoothie and nuts.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg with smoked salmon on granary toast

Lunch: Ham, leek and Parmesan frittata with avocado, celery, cucumber and lettuce

Dinner: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, green beans, and gravy

Pudding: Greek yogurt with raspberries

Choose from snacks, including olives, nuts, dried fruit, and oatcakes with light cream cheese.

Low Carb Diet Rules:

–  stop drinking sugary beverages when following a low carb diet, because they are bad for your body; most of them have a lot of sugar calories and minimal nutrients: you can drink alternative drinks with low carb level
– eat more mushrooms and non-starchy vegetables: greens, cauliflower
– eat more of the good fats: olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, whole grain, flax seeds, avocado, coconut, etc.
– get enough proteins when following a low carb diet: lean beef meat, poultry meat without skin, fish, lean pork meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and seeds
– choose to eat responsibly certain foods, if you cannot cut them entirely out of your meals: for example, eat small sizes – it is recommended to eat a half cup of potatoes or rice instead of a large plate, one square of chocolate instead of a whole chocolate bar
– it is recommended to choose the entire cereals and products instead of the white ones when following a low carb diet: opt for brown rice, whole wheat
– eat 1 – 3 snacks every day
– drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily
– drink herbal tea or coffee when following a low carb diet

Typical Benefits of a Low Carb Diet:

– you will lose weight
– a low carb diet it is helpful for people with diabetes and pre-diabetics because it reduces blood glucose
– increases the so-called good cholesterol
– improves insulin sensitivity
– a low carb diet improves the triglycerides
– increases the energy
– increases mental concentration
– a low carb diet improves the mood
– improves dental hygiene by creating less dental plaque and improves gum health
– a low carb diet helps to control the way you eat
– lowers the muscle mass loss
– lowers the craving for sugars
– a low carb diet decreases the blood pressure
– decreases the blood insulin level

In some instances, a low carb diet may improve and reduce the following:
– joint or muscle pain
– the headaches
– gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn
– the skin

A Healthy and Balanced Low-Carb Diet Plan Must Have:

  • A solid intake of veggies
  • A low carb diet consists of healthy and balanced, all-natural resources of fat
  • A modest quantity of healthy protein
  • Reduced in sweet and also starchy foods
  • Very reduced or reduced in fruit
  • Little or no refined food

Any healthy and balanced diet plan must consist of a substantial consumption of vegetables, and also a low-carb diet plan is no different.

A benefit that many individuals locate with a low-carb diet regimen is that, because the diet plan includes little to no grains, it is much easier to have space for more significant parts of veggies.

Individuals on a very-low-carb ketogenic diet plan will certainly intend to stay with non-starchy veggies such as leafy environment-friendlies. Individuals on a much less rigorous diet regimen can pay for to have some starchy vegetables.

Among the tricks to making a healthy and balanced diet regimen benefit you is to place treatment right into the food preparation as well as prep work of veggies. With a little bit of focus paid to them, vegetables will undoubtedly develop a delicious part of dishes.

A lot of the power in a healthy and balanced low-carb diet plan must originate from all-natural resources of fats consisting of meat, oily fish, dairy products, nuts, avocado, coconut-based foods, olives, oils (consisting of olive oil, coconut oil, various other nut oils, avocado oil).

Since a low carb diet gives power in a steady method which can aid in maintaining you feel pleased for many hrs, fat is specifically excellent.

Realize that some healthy and balanced fat resources, such as nuts as well as cheese, are likewise rather abundant in healthy protein. If you are instead a high quantity of healthy protein and also are battling to shed weight, you might require to be mindful of this.

A healthy and balanced low-carb diet plan needs to not consist of undesirable fatty foods that are additionally high in carbs, such as pies, chips, crisps, as well as French fries, sausage rolls, and so on.


Healthy protein for a low carb diet can originate from a variety of kinds consisting of fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, beans, lentils, beans, and also nuts.

A number of these foods are great resources of healthy protein as well as fat for a low carb diet.

Understand that lentils, beans, and also beans consist of a reasonable quantity of care when following a low carb diet. You will certainly require to have little or none of these foods if you are looking to adhere to a very-low-carb ketogenic diet plan.


Individuals adhering to a very-low-carb diet plan will certainly intend to prevent grains as well as starchy foods completely; nevertheless, those on a much less rigorous low-carb diet regimen might desire to have some grains, albeit in small portions.

Individuals on a rigorous low-carb diet plan will certainly intend to stay clear of sweet foods anywhere feasible. You might enable on your own to have tiny quantities of sweet foods if on a much less stringent regimen.

Dark delicious chocolate, with high chocolate material (claim 85% or over), often tends to be fairly prominent with individuals on low-carb diet plans as small portions do not have an excessive carb.


The fruit has a reasonably reduced emphasis on a low-carb diet regimen. Individuals complying with a very-low-carb diet plan ought to be really stringent on fruit as well as either adhere to small quantities of berries, that are reduced in the carb or prevent fruit entirely.

Also, those on a much less rigorous low-carb diet plan will certainly wish to maintain fruit consumption relatively reduced.

It can be challenging to manage what your kid picks or gets at college, and loaded lunches can be valuable for guaranteeing they consume right at the institution.


Any healthy and balanced diet needs to be reduced in processed food. As a basic guideline, processed grains are power vitamins and minerals, as well as thick bad.

This implies that while these foods have reasonably high quantities of calories, they will not load you up or offer the body with the nutrients it requires. The outcome is that you can consume substantial tons of calories as well as still be starving not long after consuming these foods in a low carb diet.


Maintaining moisturized as well as having ample consumption of salt become part of a healthy and balanced low-carb diet plan.

Going onto a low-carb diet can lead to eliminating even more salt as well as liquid as typical as well as having inadequate salt or water can cause negative effects such as migraines, leg aches, lightheadedness, mind haze, sensation or irregular bowel movements woozy.

Guaranteeing, you have adequate water, and also salt in your diet plan needs to reduce the threat of these adverse effects.

Keep in mind that salt is required in our diet, and also, a number of the adverse headings regarding salt are much less to do with salt itself and also even more regarding harmful refined foods that salt is discovered within.

The truth that junk foods, such as crisps, French fries, and also prepared dishes, have a high salt material indicates that salt has just come to be guilty by the organization.

As specified, it is very advised to minimize refined food.

Salt, nevertheless, is flawlessly healthy and balanced when made use of as part of flavoring for healthy and balanced, residence ready, low-carb dishes.

When beginning a low-carb diet, it is essential to take salt, either in your food or in a beverage of water, to reduce adverse effects taking place. Some individuals might desire to consume veggie or bone brews as these are an excellent way of obtaining salt in addition to various other nutrients.

10 Reasons You Are Not Slimming Down on a Low Carb Diet Plan

1. You’re Not Reducing on Carbohydrates Sufficiently

Some individuals require much more carbohydrate delicate than others.

You might desire to reduce back on carbohydrates also better if you’re consuming low-carb and even your weight begins to plateau.

Because instance, go under 50 grams of carbohydrates each day.

When you go under 50 grams daily, you’re most likely to need to remove most fruits from your diet regimen, although you can have berries in percentages.

Going under 20 grams briefly can function if that does not work either. You are consuming only healthy protein, healthy and balanced fats, and also leafed environment-friendly veggies.

To see to it that you’re truly consuming low-carb, get a cost-free online nourishment tracker, and also log your food consumption for some time.

2. You’re Worried Constantly

It isn’t always adequate to consume healthy and balanced foods and also workout during a low carb diet.

You require to make sure that your body is operating efficiently that your hormone setting agrees with you.

Being worried at all times maintains the body in a continuous state of “battle or trip” — with raised degrees of hormonal tension agents like cortisol.

Having persistently raised cortisol degrees can enhance your appetite and also desires for junk foods, even if you are following a low carb diet.

Attempt reflection as well as deep breathing workouts if you desire to reduce back on anxiety. Reduce disturbances like on the internet information, and find out more publications rather.

3. You’re Consuming Way too Many Nuts

Nuts are actual foods, no question concerning that.

They are likewise extremely high in fat. Concerning 70% of the calories in almonds come from fat.

Nuts are straightforward to overindulge.

Their crunchiness, as well as high power thickness, provide you the capacity to consume vast quantities of them without really feeling complete.

I can directly consume a bag of nuts and still not feel completely satisfied in a low carb diet, even though a person bag has extra calories than a dish.

If you’re snacking on nuts daily (or even worse, nut butter), opportunities are you’re merely consuming method way too many calories.

4. You’re Not Resting Sufficiently

Rest is exceptionally essential for general wellness, as well as research studies, reveal that an absence of rest associates with weight gain as well as weight problems.

An absence of rest can make you feel hungrier, even if you are following a low carb diet. It will certainly additionally make you worn out as well as much less encouraged to work out and consume healthy and balanced.

Rest is just one of the columns of health and wellness in a low carb diet. You will not see the outcomes you could anticipate if you’re doing whatever right yet still not obtaining the correct rest.

See a medical professional if you have a resting problem. They are commonly quickly treatable.

Some suggestions to enhance rest:

Stay clear of high levels of caffeine after 2 pm when following a low carb diet.
Sleep in total darkness.
Avoid alcohol and also exercise in the last couple of hrs before rest.
Do something relaxing before rest, like analysis.
Attempt to visit bed at a comparable time each evening when following a low carb diet.

5. You’re not Working Out

You should not work out to melt calories.

The calories melted throughout a workout are typically irrelevant in a low carb diet, as well as can conveniently be negated by consuming a couple of additional attacks of food at the next dish.

The workout is essential for both psychological and also physical health and wellness.

Workout can aid you to drop weight by boosting your metabolic health and wellness, enhancing your muscular tissue mass as well as making you feel amazing.

It’s essential to do the best kind of workout. Just cardio on the treadmill is not likely to offer you excellent outcomes, as well as doing way too much might also be damaging.

Weight training: This will significantly boost your hormone atmosphere as well as increase your muscular tissue mass, which will certainly aid you to drop weight over the long-term.

Interval training: Doing high-intensity periods is a rare type of cardio that increases your metabolic rate as well as elevating your degrees of human development hormonal agent.

Reduced strength: Being energetic and also doing some low-intensity jobs like strolling is a terrific concept. The body was developed to walk around, not being in a chair all the time.

6. You’re Consuming a lot of “Healthy And Balanced” Sugars

If you get on a ketogenic or low-carb diet plan, “healthy and balanced” sugars like coconut sugar or raw walking cane sugar are equally as poor as a pure sugar.

They are high in carbohydrates and also can entirely avoid your body from adjusting to the diet.

This likewise puts on honey, agave nectar as well as others.

Zero-calorie sugar is excellent for the majority of people, yet you might intend to think about restricting them if you have a problem reducing weight. They additionally commonly have absorbable carbohydrates as fillers.

7. You’re Dishonesty Frequently

For individuals that can regulate themselves, having ripped off dishes or days every so often might be significant.

For others, particularly those that are prone to food dependency, having ripped off dishes is most likely to do even more damage than excellent.

If you’re ripping off frequently, either with “tiny cheats” occasionally or whole days where you consume only fast food, it can conveniently wreck your progression.

Having greater than 1– 2 rips off dishes weekly (or one rip off days) is most likely to be too much during a low carb diet.

Probably you have food dependency if you can not appear to manage on your own around harmful foods, no issue what you attempt. Because instance, eliminating fast food from your life could be a great suggestion.

8. You’re Consuming a Lot of Calories

Calories are an issue.

Among the significant factors, ketogenic and also low-carb diet regimens are so reliable is that they decrease hunger and also make individuals consume fewer total calories without attempting.

Attempt counting calories for a while if you’re not shedding weight yet are making all the best points.

Once again, produce a free account with an on the internet nourishment tracker and also track your consumption for a couple of days.

Go for a deficiency of 500 calories daily, which in theory ought to make you shed one extra pound of weight weekly (although it does not constantly operate in method).

9. You Do not Have Reasonable Assumptions

Weight reduction takes some time.

It is a marathon– not a sprint.

Shedding 1– 2 extra pounds each week is a practical objective.

Some individuals will certainly drop weight faster than that, while others will certainly reduce weight a lot more gradually.

It’s likewise vital to maintaining in mind that not every person can look like a health and fitness design.

Eventually, you will certainly get to a healthy and balanced collection factor weight, which might be above what you at first expected.

10. You Have Been “Trimming” for too Long

I do not believe it’s an excellent suggestion to be in a calorie deficiency for also lengthy each time.

The leanest individuals in the world (bodybuilders as well as physical fitness trainers) never do this. They do cycles of “bulking” and also “reducing.”.

Ultimately your metabolic price might reduce if you consume at a calorie shortage for lots of months (or years).

If you have been weight loss for an extended period, a two-month duration where you intend to “preserve” and also get a little muscular tissue might be what you require to obtain points that began once again.

This does not imply eating harmful foods, simply even more of the great things.

After these two months more than, you can begin “diet programs” once again…