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Low carb diet – plans and results

by Jennifer
Low carb diet

Low carb diet helps you lose weight quickly by cutting the starchy carbohydrates out of the eating plan, but it is recommended also in maintaining low and stable blood glucose levels. In this article, we present you everything you need to know about this regime.

Low carb diet is based upon a healthy eating plan with natural foods and a reduced level of carbohydrates.  The researches made by experts prove that this kind of diet represents a good option for people who want to lose weight fast, improve their health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

When you decide to follow a low carb diet, you need to be correctly informed and start making easy changes to reduce the quantity of carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index. Then, you need to choose a proper meal plan according to a low carb diet, which will make you eating without white flour products, white rice, potatoes, sugars and to reduce the quantity of milk. You are allowed to eat some good low carbohydrates as onions, cauliflower and tofu. Starchy carbs help the body retain water and fats in your body, which give you extra pounds. When you chose to follow a low carb diet, it means you cut the starchy carbs from your meals. When you do so, the water is no longer retained and your body will burn the fats to get energy so you can lose weight. Plus, the proteins from the low carb diet will improve your metabolism and will help you lose more weight.

Low carb diet menus

There are plenty of delicious meals to choose from. For example:

Breakfast options

– 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed into skimmed milk (200 ml/ 8 oz.)
– 1 natural yogurt (125 g/5 oz.) with 3 handfuls any fresh or frozen berry, 1 chopped apple and 7 almonds
– 2 scrambled eggs with how much grilled tomatoes and mushrooms you want
– 2 slices of grilled turkey bacon with no sugar baked beans (200 g/8 oz.)

Lunch options

– low-fat hummus (150 g /6 oz.) with unlimited quantities of raw vegetables of your choice
– brine or canned in water tuna (200 g/8 oz.) mixed with 2 teaspoons of  low-fat mayonnaise on a bed of  lettuce leafs and grated carrot
– low-fat mozzarella (75 g/3 oz.) with unlimited quantities of tomatoes and 1 teaspoon of pesto of your choice
– half of supermarket salad of your choice with 3 slices of lean ham, roast beef, turkey or chicken meat (150 g /6 oz.) and a low-fat cheese piece, plus 1 boiled egg

Snacks options

– 1 handful of nuts
– 1 dice-sized cube of cheese with a handful of grapes
– skimmed milk (200 ml/8 oz.) mixed with 1 scoop of whey protein powder
– 2 pieces of any fruit

Dinner options

– 1 large roasted mushroom with 1 tsp. of red or green pesto and 200 g/8 oz. canned butter beans boiled, drained and mashed with a bit of natural yogurt and unlimited quantity of broccoli or green beans.
– two large grilled chicken sticks or 100 g/4 oz. chicken breast with as many stir-fry vegetables as you want (cooked in oil spray with a little garlic)
– lean steak grilled or pan-fried (100 g /4 oz.), with 3 tbs. of low-fat coleslaw and as many green beans as you want
– white fish baked (100 g /4 oz.) with unlimited quantity of  red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and handful of black olives

Low carb diet rules:

–  stop drinking sugary beverages, because they are bad for your body; most of them have a lot of sugar calories and very little nutrients: you can drink alternative drinks with low carb level
– eat more mushrooms and non-starchy vegetables: greens, cauliflower
– eat more of the good fats: olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, whole grain, flax seeds, avocado, coconut, etc.
– get enough proteins: beef lean meat, poultry meat without skin, fish, lean pork meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds
– choose to eat responsibly certain foods, if you cannot cut them completely out of your meals: for example, eat small sizes – it is recommended to eat a half cup of potatoes or rice instead of a large plate, one square of chocolate instead of a whole chocolate bar
– it is recommended to choose the whole cereals and products instead of the white ones: opt for brown rice, whole wheat
– eat 1 – 3 snacks every day
– drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily
– drink herbal tea or coffee

Common benefits of a low carb diet:

– you will lose weight
– it is helpful for people with diabetes and for pre-diabetics because it reduces blood glucose
– increases the so-called good cholesterol
– improves the insulin sensitivity
– improves the triglycerides
– increases the energy
– increases mental concentration
– improves the mood
– improves the dental hygiene by creating less dental plaque and improves the gum health
– helps to control the way you eat
– lowers the muscle mass loss
– lowers the craving for sugars
– decreases the blood pressure
– decreases the blood insulin level

In certain cases, a low carb diet may improve and reduce the following:
– joint or muscle pain
– the headaches
– gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn
– the skin

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