Looking at Your Phone Affects Your Posture

Since the handheld devices appeared, people can’t stop glancing at their screens. Besides social issues, this comes with a problematic posture that can, in time, damage the spine.

Most users tend to have a hunched-over position while scrolling on their mobile phone screen. They do this for about 4 hours every day, so they get the habit of keeping an unnatural posture. Find in the article some tips to keep a healthy posture.

It has been proven scientifically that people who suffer from depression adopt a hunched posture. This has been named the „iHunch”. The head is bent to a 30o angle, placing a weight of approx. 18 kg on the spine. Leaning over more and touching the chin with the chest at a 60o angle places a weight of 27 kg on the spine, thus leading to back pain and deformed spine.

iHunch phone

The main characteristics of this iHunch are neck stretched to an angle, shoulders brought over the chest and arms close to the torso.

Try to keep your neck straight, in a natural position and bring the phone up, closer to your eyes, don’t bend over to see the screen.

how to look at your phone

Here are some tips to avoid back problems:

  • Stretch your neck muscles by moving your head from side to side.
  • Constantly massage the shoulders, the muscles in your neck and the muscles between the shoulder blades.
  • Stretch your arms forward and lean on a doorway, by bending your thorax as much as you can to relieve pressure from your back muscles if you stand too long in one position when using your phone.
  • Massage and stretch your spine by pressing the chin to the neck and squeezing the shoulder blades close together. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat…
  • Follow the instructions above to sit in a correct position while looking at your phone or gadget so you don’t get a hunch.