Lisa Kudrow Can’t Wait for the ‘Friends’ Reunion this Year

Lisa Kudrow has revealed that the highly-anticipated Friends get-together program later this year is definitely worth the delay.

The starlet – who discovered fame after starring as Phoebe Buffay in the hit United States sitcom – claimed she “can not wait” for the “enjoyable” get-together to happen on HBO Max.

Back in February, the Friends cast – including David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa, and Matthew Perry – confirmed that a get-together is occurring in May this year, 16 years after the final episode aired.

Nevertheless, much uncertainty has clouded the get-together, given that the statement as the pandemic has left the original plans up in the air.

” The six people haven’t remained in a room together in front of individuals in 25 years and only when a couple of years ago, privately for supper.

“I can only imagine. It’s gonna be fun. I mean, it’ll be really fun.”

She took place to praise the show’s significant success on streaming services like Netflix and claimed the choice to make a reunion special was since it has been doing so well in recent years.

She explained: “That’s why Mart and David are so excellent. [Friends co-creators] Marta Kauffman and David Crane, they understood what they were doing.”

Lisa recalled that back in their height shooting days of the series, the actors were informed that Season 8 would be their last.

She claimed: “When we were doing the 8th season, we were told, ‘This is the end.’ And then they negotiated an additional period, so we remain in for nine. We were told at a specific point on nine that ‘This is the last season.’ And afterward, a week later, they came back and went, ‘Well …’.

” And so we got to the 10th season and claimed, ‘Let’s be clear, we can not keep not knowing where we’re going.’ So we understood, definitively, it was the last one.”.

Rumors of a reunion have been swarming, considering that the last episode aired in May 2004.

It finished with Ross and Rachel lastly getting together and Monica and Chandler welcoming twins…

Though the characters will not be returning, the cast might lose some light on what they assume they are up to now.