High protein diet – very efficient in the weight loss process

High protein diets have become more and more popular over the years and many people find them very efficient in the weight loss process. Many studies have suggested that proteins can satisfy your hunger better than fats and carbs.

Are you one of those persons who need to lose some weight but who can’t give up on their favourite meat dishes? Then a high protein diet is the perfect regime for you. You will get rid of those extra pounds and you will look amazing very fast. You just have to take a closer look and follow our tips.

Find out the pros and cons of the high protein diets right here and right now and also discover how much weight you will lose during this diet!

What are the proteins?

The proteins are important nutrients composed of amino acids that help the optimal development and the normal functioning of the human body. Although the human body can create some amino acids that help produce proteins there are other important amino acids that the body can’t create. You can get these acids from animal or vegetable sources.

Can a high protein diet help you lose weight?

The answer is: yes. These high protein diet plans really work. As mentioned above, proteins help you feel full very fast and they require more energy to be processed by the metabolism.

For example, you will burn more calories when you digest red meat, which is high in proteins. This is how you will start to lose weight. But you can’t maintain the weight loss a long time if you only stick to eating proteins. You have to follow another important rule: you have to reduce your carbs intake.

How many proteins can you eat during a high protein diet?

People need a lot of proteins during their development and life if they want to stay healthy. Proteins are necessary for a normal growth, for a good immune system, for protecting the whole body. The recommended daily dose of proteins is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women.

What can you eat during a high protein diet?

Proteins are important during a high protein diet, but so are carbs, fats and the calories you consume. When you are on a high protein diet you should avoid eating fats. The only permitted fats are the ones from nuts, seeds, olives, fish oil and avocado.

You can eat some carbs, but don’t exaggerate. You can eat vegetables, fruits and whole cereals.

As far as proteins are concerned, you have to choose  healthy sources of proteins. Chose proteins rich in essential nutrients and with few unhealthy fats and calories. Here are some foods that contain the good proteins:

1.    Cheese
During a high protein diet you are not allowed to eat all kinds of cheese. The best and healthiest source of proteins is the parmesan. This kind of cheese contains 41,6 g of proteins/ 100g. You can also eat mozzarella and Swiss cheese. These contain about 28-30 g of proteins/ 100g.

2.    Beans
Beans are another great proteins source. They provide about 39,6 g of proteins/100g ( soy beans).

3.    Eggs
Eggs are a good and cheap source of proteins. Although eggs contain a lot of cholesterol you are allowed to eat 1 egg/day during a high protein diet. The egg yolk contains all the cholesterol and very few proteins so it is recommended to use the egg whites.

4.    Beef and veal meat
These are great sources of proteins. Raw beef and veal meat contains about 36 g of proteins/ 100 g.

5.    Pumpkin seeds
These seeds provide about 23 g of proteins/100 g. Cook the seeds in your oven and enjoy a healthy snack.

6.    Chicken, lamb, turkey and pork meat
You can get about 30 g of proteins/100 g of meat. Grilled chicken meat provides about 32,8 g of proteins/100 g.

7.    Fish – tuna, salmon
Tuna can provide 30 of proteins/100 g and the salmon gives you about 27 g of proteins/ 100 g.

8 . Peanuts
Peanuts are an important source of vegetarian proteins. They contain about 23,7 g of proteins/100 g. so, you can include them in you diet.

Pros of the high protein diet

–    Rapid weight loss
–    You don’t have to follow this diet for a long period of time
–    Your skin can look better and you can get rid of your cellulite
–    You won’t fell tired during this diet

Cons of the high protein diet

–    People with cardiovascular, liver, kidney diseases can’t follow this diet.
–    People with diabetes or strokes can’t follow this weight loss program
–    You can get constipated during this diet
–    You can get bad breath due to the lack of carbs
–    You can feel dehydrated or dizzy

Now you have all the information you need about the high protein diet. Will you decide to follow it?