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Do You Like to Eat but You’re Afraid of Getting Fat? This Is the Best Time to Eat Your Favorite Food and Not Get Fat

by Jennifer
Do you like to eat but you're afraid of getting fat

Eating the proper food is very important, but do you know that eating certain food at a certain time of the day helps you get all the health benefits from the food you are eating?

Because we want to teach you which is the best timing for eating, we have put together a list with some of the most common foods and the best and worst time of the day to eat them.

Dark chocolate

Best: breakfast

A few pieces of dark chocolate for breakfast provide your organism with antioxidants that are very good for your heart and against aging.

Worst: snack time

You should not eat more than 25 g of dark chocolate per day, because your body will turn the excess into fat deposits.


eat Meat

Best: lunchtime

Meat is a great source of iron, which provides life-giving oxygen to cells and organ systems.

Worst: dinnertime

It takes about 5 hours for your stomach to digest the meat. So it is not a good idea to eat meat before going to sleep, it will do harm to your digestive system.


Best: lunchtime

30 g of nuts is just enough to fill your body’s need for Omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are good for blood vessels and your lungs, and regulate circulation.

Worst: dinnertime

Nuts have a lot of fat and calories, if you eat them at the dinner you may gain some extra weight.


Best: snack time

Oranges have many good effects on your body such as: improving the function of the digestive system and increasing the metabolism.

Worst: early breakfast

Eating oranges in the morning after you just woke up can cause allergic reactions and stomach irritation.


eat Pasta

Best: breakfast and lunchtime

Pasta has a great effect on cleansing the body and removing toxins from it, and also in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Worst: dinnertime

Because pasta has many calories, it is better not to be served at dinner.


Best: dinnertime

Zucchini contain a lot of fiber. It helps in cleansing the intestinal tract.

Worst: breakfast

In the morning our bodies tend to be quite dehydrated, and since zucchini has a strong diuretic effect, it may cause dehydration.


Best: breakfast

Tomatoes contain organic acids which help the digestive processes and regulate the functions of the stomach and pancreas.

Worst: dinnertime

Eating tomatoes for dinner can cause swelling.


Best: breakfast

Potato starch lowers your cholesterol level.

Worst: lunch and dinnertime

Potatoes are high in calories, so you should not eat many potatoes for dinner of lunch.


Best: lunchtime

The high amount of fiber from bananas improves digestion and cure heartburn.

Worst: dinnertime

Eating bananas for dinner can disrupt the digestive system and lead to mucus production.


Best: breakfast

Apples help the work of the intestines and remove carcinogens.

Worst: dinnertime

Apple increases stomach acid which may cause a lot of discomfort.


eat Cheese

Best: early breakfast

If you eat cheese in moderate amounts it will help at preventing bloating and weight gain.

Worst: dinnertime

Cheese is very hard to digest, and eating it for dinner may lead to indigestion.


Best: breakfast

Sugar calories are easier to burn if you eat sweet things for breakfast.

Worst: dinnertime

It is not recommended to eat sugar for dinner, because it irritates the digestive tract and may cause sleep disturbances.


Best: lunchtime

It is the best food to keep you energized for the rest of the day because it has many carbohydrates.

Worst: dinner

Rice can lead to weight gain…

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