Angelina Jolie Confirms Rumours about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie had had a dig at her ex-spouse Brad Pitt in the middle of rumours that love is thriving with Jennifer Aniston once more.

Brad and Jen have seen their partnership take massive strides ahead in current months, with both spurtings over each other at the DROOP Awards in February.

Despite no genuine proof to validate it, a variety of media outlets have reported that Brad and Jen have been isolating with each other. Yet, it has sufficed for Angelina to mention that sincerity is among the best connections mom and dad can have.

The 44-year-old Maleficent starlet was talking to Hello publication regarding the education and learning of her youngsters with Brad when she had a scheming dig at her 56-year-old ex-spouse partner.


Angelina has been maintaining their six youngsters with her throughout the coronavirus lockdown with some United States media outlets reporting that this might be because of his settlement with Jennifer.

Angelina was providing an inspirational talk homeschooling when she mentioned her ideas on just how Brad need to act.

She claimed: “We’re all locked in, we’re doing all right… Well, the two things that affect children from my view the most being out of school is, of course, education, and the challenges of education.”

Angelina went on to talk what expectations need to have for their mom and dad, and it was right here that she claimed that Brad requires to be “honest” with his youngsters.

She claimed: “It is a charming point to find that your youngsters don’t wish to be perfect. They simply wish you to be sincere. And you are doing your best.

“In truth, the even more space they need to be great where you are weak, the more powerful they might come to be. They like you. They intend to assist you.


“So in the end, it’s the team you build. And in a way, they are raising you too. You grow together.”

It has likewise been reported that Angelina is preparing to make a docudrama regarding her time with Brad, after investing 11 years with the Hollywood legend…

The docudrama will presumably expose what took place behind the scenes in their marital relationship consisting of spilling the beans on their love life.