Best 20 White Hair Ideas for an Unforgettable Look

White hair care rules, step-by-step tutorial on how to get your this kind of hair at home. Tips and tricks for when you have white hair.

White hair step-by-step proper discoloration, pictures with the most special white hairstyles, pieces of advice for women who want to maintain their white dyed hair.

White hair has become so cool, that many women around the age of 20 are delighted by this look, even getting their hairstylists asked to dye their hair gray or even white, so white hair is not just extremely elegant but also fashionable.

In this article, we are going to talk about all this white hair phenomenon, how to care it, and some tricks to look fabulous with it. Also, we will show you a tutorial on how to get white hair at home.

ariana grande white hair

White hair has become increasingly popular among women for many reasons. The main thing is that they have learned to match and highlight it according to the characteristics of each one. It is also regarded with good eyes because women have begun to accept that after a certain age, white strands will appear.

If a few years ago, women did not know what color to use to mask their white hair, now it has become fashionable. A number of Hollywood stars, including Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis, prefer to leave their hair color undyed, promoting the white hair trend.

Anyone who has started bleaching knows that bleaching is not a process that happens overnight. You don’t just wake up with white strands as if someone were painting them. It all starts with a few strands that lose their color, while the rest of the hair still has the natural hue.

black girl white hair

Most people choose to paint to hide the white threads, but lately, this is starting to change. Natural white hair, gray hair and even silvery white hair obtained by discoloration are important trends. And if your hair starts to be predominantly white, why not embrace this exciting trend?

You probably wonder how you can do that. An alternative would be to let your hair grow and stop dyeing it, but it’s not a good idea to walk months in a row with hair divided into two colors – white at the roots and colored in the rest. Therefore, there is a special process of transition to white hair. The transition stage is similar to the discoloration of the strands.

In order to balance the effect of ‘salt and pepper’ from the roots, you have to make discolored strands all over your hair. Before removing the sheets from the discolored strands, apply a dark brown dye to the rest of the hair to get the full length of the grayish effect. After the foil is removed, the hair is rinsed and you have to apply a toner to amplify the silvery effect of the bleached strands.

black girl with white hair

This step may differ depending on the color from which you are transitioning to white hair. Whatever the hue, it is necessary to let your hair grow at least five centimeters thick, so that the specialist chooses the method of bleaching that suits your white hair.

Tips and Tricks When You Have White Hair

Of course, the first thing you think about when it comes to white hair is that you might look a lot older if you wear this look. But the secret is to know a few rules that will help you look great with white hair. Here’s what you should know:

– White hair, whether natural or discolored, has a tendency to gradually yellow, becoming glossy and acquiring an unpleasant hue.
– To keep this effect at bay, specialists recommend using a blue or purple shampoo. This product specially designed for white hair prevents yellowing and gives more shine to gray or white hair.
– As with any major change of look, you will need to adjust your makeup, hairstyle or wardrobe so that your white hair will benefit you. The old makeup style or some prints in your wardrobe may not fit you. But once you’ve discovered the new style that best suits you, you won’t regret the fact that you have embraced the natural white of your hair.


– If you want to choose the most accessible method and you want to wait for the white hair to grow without resorting to other coloring processes in the salon, Aral recommends applying a root retouch. Such products can help you camouflage the roots for a while. Then, the specialist recommends a short pixie haircut and regular haircuts until the white hair grows completely.

– Rinse your hair with water in which you put lemon juice will help give your white hair shine and maintain that sophisticated tone of silvery gray.

– Fatty products, which load your hair, make white hair seem rare and unkempt. Try a glitter spray that keeps your hair healthy without greasing it.

– White hair gives you a lot of benefits, but one of its unwanted effects is pale or waxed skin. This is why you should apply a little blush on the cheeks, especially those with peach, pink or purple undertones.
– It will be even easier to maintain white hair if you cut short. Not only does it look stylish and modern, but a short haircut on white hair will make you look much younger.
– Intense shading can also make it easy to switch to white hair. The shade covers white, grayish and therefore helps to cover darker roots. Over time, the pigmentation resulting from the hair coloration disappears.

bob white hair

Care Rules for White Hair

  • Hydrate your hair – white hair is more dehydrated than unpigmented hair so you need to provide it the hydration it needs, using products such as balm, hair mask or serum.
  • Blue Pigment Shampoo – white hair has a tendency to get a purple hue, which you can counter with a blue pigment shampoo.
  • Trim your tips regularly – white hair, being more dehydrated, is more prone to split ends so you need to trim your hair regularly. Choose a haircut that gives volume – you can bet on a bob or maybe even a pixie haircut. According to specialists, people with white hair should be trimmed every 6 weeks for a hairstyle and a seamless hairstyle.
  • Use a product for shine – often white hair has a matte look so you could use a product for shine like a hair varnish or a silicone-based serum. It will give your hair a healthy appearance, making it shiny.
  • Give up alcohol products – if your fixative is alcohol-based, it’s time to change it. Alcohol-based cosmetics cause hair electrification, and white hair is already prone to electrification so you don’t want that.
  • Use sunscreen in summer – being fragile, white hair is more exposed to the negative effects that solar radiation has on the hair ornament. Therefore, it uses a product with a radiation protection factor.
  • Use a silver hue – your hair may get a yellow hue, especially if you’re a smoker. If you are in this situation, use a silver tint once a month, which will return the gray color of your hair.
  • Give up on products that charge the hair – because the white hair has a matte look, it would be good to avoid the products that load the hair and accentuate the matte look. So, it’s time to give up wax and very oily serums.


5 Beauty Tips

  1. Make sure you are including plenty of B vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet, because they can help your hair in ways you did not even imagine.
  2. Use warmer colors for your makeup. Try a red lipstick or reddish blush! Also, the eyes makeup should be more accentuate because proper eye makeup in combination with white hair can be the perfect mix to steal hearts.
  3. Moisture, moisture, moisture! Keep it moisturized and in good condition so it keeps looking great.
  4. An occasional color correction would not be bad, especially if it cancels yellowing.
  5. Even if it is not recommended to use heat on your hair, straight white hair can be very attractive and makes the hair look glossy!

girl with white hair

Proper Discoloration of White Hair: Five Steps

White hair can be dyed in many different shades, such as platinum blonde, medium brown, tan, or any other shade you like. However, how can you return to the natural white of your hair? The better you plan this move, the easier it will be for you to give up hair dye:

  1. The more drastically you have changed the natural hair color in the past, the better you should think about the transition strategy. The blonde open lids can be allowed to grow. On the other hand, you or your stylist should find various intermediate solutions for completely dyed hair in dark shades. These intermediate solutions may consist of dyeing the hair in a transition shade, in curls or in a new, shorter hairstyle.
  2. The longer your hair is, the more attention you should pay to switch to gray or white hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to find transitional solutions that can last for years. The gradual application overtime of an increasingly lighter dye is a strategy for a smooth transition from a darker colored hair to a gray or grayish one. In this case, the last phase is the transition from blonde hair to white hair.
  3. It will be easier for you to discolor your hair if you applied less artificial red pigments prior to the transition to white hair. The transition from light blonde hair to gray or white, gray-haired is the least visible, especially if you make light strands during this transition process.
  4. Intense shading can also make it easy to switch to white hair. The shade covers white, grayish and therefore helps to cover darker roots. Over time, the pigmentation resulting from the hair coloration disappears.
  5. If you are ready for a radical change, a gray or white pixie haircut is the best choice for you. You should refrain from dyeing your hair for as long as possible, and then use the repeated shading method to make the hair easier. Given that your hair grows 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month, your hair will no longer contain artificial colors and will be ready for the new look after only three months.

girl with white long hair

How to Get White Hair at Home: Tutorial

In the desire to be more authentic, many women across the Ocean are refusing to dye their hair. The change also brings them a huge bonus. They save time and money because they no longer have to go to the salon to cover their white hair. Many do not white hair as a complexion.

On the contrary, they admire the natural and healthy appearance of the hair. So, if you want to join them in this white hair trend, all you have to do is to follow the steps below. Of course, you can do this process at the salon too, but it is not necessary, especially If you want to save money.

The first step – which could be easily skipped: You have to buy a bleach which promises to open up to 10 tones. You have to apply it only on the part where the hair had either a natural or a transit color. It is most possible for you to get a wonderful yellow chicken but doesn’t panic. This is the process!

kendall jenner white hair

You will also need :
– violet bleaching powder;
– oxidizer

Step two: You have to mix the powder with the oxidant and apply it to the places where your hair was yellow. After 15 minutes you have to apply it to the rest of the hair and wait 15 minutes. Afterward, wash your hair well and apply a treatment.

Step three: Now you have to mix the paint with the oxidant, and to apply it using the bleaching technique: the yellow and orange areas first, and at 15 minutes distance apply the rest of the hair. You have to wait another 25 minutes, so 40 minutes in total.

After that, you just wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Your white shade should be 90% like you wished…
Now all you have to do is to maintain it like that!

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