60 Dazzling Strawberry Blonde Hair Models

Strawberry blonde hair and makeup ideas, how to care for this type of hair, cold vs. warm tones. Celebrities who fell in love with strawberry blonde hair, 10 ways to highlight your hair.

Strawberry blonde hair tutorial and pictures for inspiration, how to choose the color of the dye  according to the natural color of the hair.

The strawberry blonde hair is one of the rarest shades of blonde, but among the most appreciated. Precisely for this reason, today’s article will talk about this shade marked in society by important personalities. Who are these? You will find everything in this article.

  1. Celebrities who fell in love with strawberry blonde hair
  2. Makeup ideas for strawberry blonde hair
  3. How to care for strawberry blonde hair
  4. Cold Vs. warm tones
  5. Choose the color of the dye according to the natural color of the hair
  6. 10 ways you can highlight your strawberry blonde hair
  7. How to get strawberry blonde hair: TUTORIAL
  8. Strawberry blonde hair ideas

The strawberry blonde looks specifically created to highlight the open physiognomies, with porcelain skin and blue or green eyes. If you are naturally reddish or blond, have a light reddish complexion and a proud fringe of freckles, you can declare yourself a lucky one: you will look fabulous wearing strawberry blond tones!

strawberry blonde hairstyles

On the other side, girls with medium skin tone should not even cry out for pity, because the warm undertones of their skin will resonate beautifully with the strawberry blond! Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s sex symbols, and her sun-kissed skin matches both the strawberry blonde hair and the golden hues or copper red!

Olive skin, complemented by brown or dark brown eyes, will be more difficult to adapt to strawberry blonde shades! If you want more than anything to enjoy this beautiful shade, ask the stylist to sprinkle more copper-red accents and lightly close the traditional base of this color. Do not venture alone in the fields of red strawberry and give up the idea of dyeing your hair at home!

Celebrities Who Fell in Love with Strawberry Blonde Hair

Another celebrity who adopted this shade besides Scarlett Johansson is Nicole Kidman. She is the most famous redhead in the world. Currently, Nicole has given up the shade of deep red and chosen a bright blonde with red-strawberry accents. Diva also chose straight, sensual hair instead of curls – and we think she looks so much better!

Strawberry blonde hair Nicole Kidman

Probably the biggest strawberry blonde hair lover remains Amy Adams! The actress has also tried shades of red or blonde, individually worn, but her blue eyes are magnificently highlighted by the color of the star!

Strawberry blonde hair Amy Adams

Lindsay Lohan has been attracting attention lately because of her excesses, but we can’t deny that she still looks stunning with strawberry blonde shades!

Strawberry blonde hair Lindsay Lohan

Bella Thorne falls into the category of beautifully matured Disney stars, and the gorgeous shades of hair have included her among the most beautiful teenagers on the planet.

Strawberry blonde hair Bella Thorne

Rachel McAdams was gorgeous as a redhead in “The Notebook” and, even though she has now returned to blondes, we cannot forget her in the “strawberry blonde” hypothesis.

Strawberry blonde hair Rachel McAdams

Makeup Ideas for Strawberry Blonde Hair

Now that you have achieved the hue of your dreams, the strawberry blonde hair, it remains to learn how to value it!

Celebrate this feast of color by resorting to strong, succulent lipstick tones such as fiery pink or red. Do not be afraid that you will eclipse the beautiful shade of hair, because the strawberry blonde has little envy in it and will gladly accept the competition of makeup. Keep your face clean by adding a splash of mascara and very little cheek: it is quite possible to be mistaken for a fairy tale, so be prepared to be assaulted by the little ones and the grown-ups alike!

Even smokey eyes are not excluded, as long as you respect the rule of lips in neutral, delicate tones. Appeals to warm gray or brown for eyelids and avoids too dramatic black – the strawberry blonde doesn’t resonate with the harshness of ultra-dark tones.

Strawberry blonde hair smokey eyes

Of course, you can just as well give up any splash of color and focus on highlighting your porcelain complexion. The shades of strawberry blond can take on the task of attracting all the attention. If you have clean, imperfect skin, you should try this makeup. A splash of mascara, a bit of anti-rainbow and a little blush: let your strawberry blonde draw your eyes and you’ll never be overlooked!

How to Care for Strawberry Blonde Hair

  • First of all, it should be noted that, like any dyed hair, it is essential to use a range of products dedicated to dyed hair, the difference between such products and the normal ones being that they help keep pigments in the hair, sealing the cuticles, and at the same time nourishing the hair that has been affected by the chemical process.
  • The right care products protect the brightness of the color and provide protection against UV rays that affect the color, becoming dull and lifeless, and this is also the case of the strawberry blonde hair.
  • An extremely suitable range for the care of dyed strawberry blonde hair is a color saving product: it contains panthenol, beeswax and olive leaf extract for protection against discoloration.
    The mask and conditioner provide protection against color change, increase its durability over time and add extra shine, and they are perfect for the strawberry blonde hair.
  • Between the dyes, a color refresh can be achieved by shading or using a special conditioner. It is applied as a regular treatment, without the duration of action and rinses. It helps maintain the reddish-blonde hue and shine of the hair. This treatment especially helps if the person concerned goes to a pool – the chlorine in the water has an unwanted reaction on the strawberry blonde hair.
  • Use a moisturizing serum once a week, which will give it a luminous appearance. Apply it from half the length to the tips. This will be great for your strawberry blonde hair.
  • It uses UV protection spray throughout the year, not just in summer. Under their action, the hair changes color and dries. This will help you take care of your strawberry blonde hair properly.
  • If you are a brunette and you intend to discolor to become blonde, do not claim to get the strawberry blonde hair in one sitting at the beauty salon. The procedure is very aggressive and you risk the health of the hair. It is preferable to have patience and to gradually get blonde, through successive bleaching/dyeing, at the intervals recommended by the stylist, depending on the quality of the hair.
  • After washing your strawberry blonde hair, do not use a towel to absorb excess water, but a cotton shirt. Many people’s habit of rubbing their hair after the bath with the towel favors their forced drying and tearing. However, a soft cotton t-shirt will leave ‘healthy’ moisture.
  • If you are used to going to the pool, before getting into the water, moisturize your strawberry blonde hair with clear water. In this way, upon contact with the water of the pool, the strawberry blonde hair will no longer absorb the chlorine in it, which can give the strawberry blonde hair a hint of green.
  • Natural blonde? To make it shiny and silky, spray water mixed with lemon juice and let it dry naturally in the sun.
  • Blondes who use hair dryer daily to dry their hair are advised to use cold air. Hot air dries it and damages it.

The main impulse of women when they decide to change their hair color is the faithful consultation of the trends. But these are not the most important factor to take into account when opting for a change of look, and this is because “what is worn” is not equivalent to “what suits you”.

strawberry blonde hair with highlights

The traits that individualize you and characterize your femininity are those that dictate the true tendencies. Just as in silhouette fashion you select the styles that suit you, in the field of hairstyling, facial features impose the shades for which you can choose to get a natural look.

Cold Vs. Warm Tones

The dye colors that match the cold tones of strawberry blonde hair are ultra-light gray, platinum blonde, amber, red mahogany, reddish-brown, brown, mahogany, dark chestnut, black blue and ebony black.

Avoid the golden tones, which give you an overly dramatic look. You should also avoid any hair color with yellow undertones, especially the range of reds, light iridescent satin, and golden satin.

Dye colors indicated for warm tones of  strawberry blonde hair include honey blonde and strawberry or golden, light chocolate, copper red, light brown, cold brown and dark chestnut.

Avoid the platinum blond, the black of the blue, which makes you look like a stray, and the gray reflections that age you.

strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights

Choose the Color of the Dye According to the Natural Color of the Hair

When you decide to change your hair color, it is important that the color choice you make complements the natural hue of your hair ornament.

As a guide, the natural hair shades associated with warm tones are dark brown with golden or reddish reflections, strawberry blonde, and golden blond.

The natural shades of hair that fall into the category of cold tones are coffee, blue-black, gray-brown, amber-brown, red-mahogany, platinum blonde and ultra-light blonde.

To change your hair color, opt for the dyes indicated in the category of cold and warm tones.

If you want to bet on a natural look, choose a shade with two shades darker or lighter than your natural color. If you want a dramatic change, opt for a totally different color, but found in the series mentioned.

strawberry blonde hair on african american

10 Ways You can Highlight Your Strawberry Blonde Hair

1. The first way you can highlight your beautiful shade of blonde is by painting it ombre. On a dirty ash-blonde blonde color, to get a deeper color intensity a blond reddish shade would perfectly highlight your entire hair shade.

Strawberry blonde hair ombre
2. Blonde-strawberry strands: This method is especially suitable for dark shades of hair, but not only. For example, brunettes will easily become blonde(ish) through this process. However, when the strands are done, you will notice that the hair has become drier, which is why you should take care of it properly.

Strawberry blonde hair dark shades
3. Blend of strawberry blonde and honey blonde: this color mix will only attract the attention of anyone on the street, or even receive random praise. It is a great color mix that will not go unnoticed.

Strawberry blonde hair honey blonde
4. Blonde strawberry with copper hue: this type of strawberry blonde hair has a copper hue that gives brightness and strong appearance to the hair. This type of blond is especially suited to curly blondes, however, curly hair can be difficult to care for in this blonde shade, so make sure you use the proper care products.

Strawberry blonde hair copper hue
5. Blonde-strawberry balayage: this type of strawberry blonde hair manages to highlight your beautiful face features, and is also a trendy hairstyle. The color looks perfect on wavy hair, but not only. This strawberry blonde hair balayage looks best on a natural color of gray blonde, but it may be possible on other types of shades.

Strawberry blonde hair balayage
6. Warm strawberry blonde: This type of strawberry blonde hair is especially suitable for short hair, as it is best highlighted in relation to the shade of the face. If the length of your hair allows, you can make a few light curls or hang it in a lightweight bun. You will certainly not fail with this kind of strawberry blonde!

Warm strawberry blonde
7. The deep strawberry blonde for the wavy bob: because the curls to the bob are short, they tend to be even more curious and rebellious, so this is the perfect way to highlight the deep blonde. If however, your hair is straight, you can curl it by various methods, even without the use of heat. Before styling, however, use protective products to prevent hair damage.

Strawberry blonde hair wavy bob
8. Strawberry blonde shag: This type of strawberry blonde hair can be adapted to any type of hair, from straight to curly hair. The layered hairstyles together with the strawberry blonde, highlight the entire physiognomy of the girl, which is why they will surely draw your attention to you in a pleasant way.

Strawberry blonde hair shag
9. Fishtail strawberry blonde: For women with long and very long hair, the fishtail is ideal for highlighting the shades of strawberry blonde. You can make the braid either sideways or backward. When making the braid, you can use different tricks to make it resist, such as using special oils that prevent strands from slipping. Also, dry shampoo offers a messy but cool look and helps your hair look younger and healthier.

Fishtail strawberry blonde
10. The last type of hairstyle that you can wear with the strawberry blonde is the bobby bun. This type of strawberry blonde hair fits perfectly with the bangs and is a modern and current hairstyle. For a dose of extravagance and rebellion, you can paint a few strands in a lighter shade of strawberry blonde.

Strawberry blonde bobby bun

How to Get Strawberry Blonde Hair: TUTORIAL

Surely many women with dark hair have dreamed at least once of blonde hair, or at least strawberry blonde. Although it is quite difficult to open a dark color of hair, it is not impossible. However, this process will be more complex if you do it at home. The whole process will take up to 2 weeks, but it will be worth it.

You will need to moisturize your hair intensely before beginning the process because as there are several coloring processes, your hair will become brittle and dry.

First step: buy 3 hair paints in the following shades: light brown, dark blonde and strawberry blonde. It is preferable for all paints to be from the same brand, and if possible, without ammonia.
Step 2: The dyeing process begins with applying the light brown paint over the entire head, according to the instructions. Then, in the next 4 days, do not apply anything to the hair except treatments and shampoo without sulfates.
Step 3: On the 5th day, use the dark blonde color, just like the first paint, according to the instructions. Then give your hair a few days to recover before applying the last paint. Avoid using heat on your hair.
Step 4: Apply the last paint, the strawberry blonde (only a few days after the last application). At this point, your hair should look exactly in the desired shade, namely the strawberry blonde. To resist the color as much as possible, make sure you give your hair all the care it needs…

Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

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