60 Sensational Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas for 2020

Rose gold hair curiosities, advantages, who can have this type of hair. How to maintain rose gold hair, how to make your hair like this at home.

Rose gold hair ideas, step-by-step tutorial, tips, and photos of short, medium,  and long rose hair, to get your inspiration.

The rose gold hair is a reinvention of the ordinary blonde, which comes with golden reflections that highlight the features of the face, but also with feminine pink shades. It is somehow a middle variant, so there is no too strong shade of pink, but enough to stand out beautifully. But there are a lot more things you should know about rose gold hair, and you will find them in this article.

Curiosities about rose gold hair
Advantages of rose gold hair
Who can have rose gold hair?
How to maintain rose gold hair
How to make your own rose gold hair at home – tutorial
Rose gold hair ideas

The rose gold hair is not only a great color, but also one that suits anyone. Regardless of the physiognomy and features of the girl, this color is suitable for anyone, especially for those who want to earn a few years in the physical aspect by wearing rose gold haircuts. Although it was launched many years ago, the rose gold hair color continues to gain ground.

rose gold natural hair

The rose gold hair is a spectacular but decent color, intense but childish. We have heard about rose gold color, or the gold rose hair in recent years, but the shade of pink in the composition of this color is much more open and pastel, being in the fact that “millennial pink” that we have encountered throughout the year 2002, when many people used to wear rose gold haircuts.

For this color to be successful, the yellow shades of discolored hair should be removed as much as possible, so it is not a good choice for dark hair. Instead, it lends size and volume to the medium-sized thin hair.

Curiosities About Rose Gold Hair

–   Blond hair has many shades, from the one that approaches the white, to the one that approaches the color of gold. The rose gold hair, the combination of a blonde and rose hair, is the rarest natural shade of blonde. You can create many wonderful rose gold haircuts.
–   Due to the fact that blond hair tends to close with aging, only 2% of the total population in the world has blond, natural hair. But these days anyone can get their hair dyed and they can wear rose gold haircuts.
–   New Guinea population is the only one in the world that has dark skin and blond hair.
–   Princess Diana spent around £ 4,000 a year on hair dyeing products and dyeing.
–   Marilyn Monroe, who did not have naturally blonde hair, did not allow other blonde hair actresses to play in the same films with her.
–   Research shows that people with blond hair are seen as less intelligent than those with dark hair. However, this perception is not supported by research, according to which intelligence is not related to hair color.

short rose gold hair

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Advantages of Rose Gold Hair

The main advantage of this rose gold hair is, as with all complex, multidimensional shades, that you can process it for your own benefit to get rose gold hairstyle. You can intensify the shade of pink or, on the contrary, you can add golden tones to the rose gold hair, depending on your wishes or your skin type. Thus, girls with porcelain skin will glow with champagne rose that turns red, while the warm skin will vibrate extraordinarily in the company of shades that retain the effervescence of champagne when it comes to rose gold haircuts.

The good news is that, in addition to the trendy factor of rose gold haircuts, the rose gold hair color benefits everyone who wants it. It rejuvenates, gives lightness to dull complexions and when mixed with neutral accents, suits wonderfully and mature women, who would not dare to wear shades of rose in their hair.

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Another good news is that, unlike the fiery redhead or the bright brown, the rose gold hair is extremely easy to maintain. You won’t have to worry if you notice that it fades, because pink is trendy in all its declinations, including (and especially) in the extremely subtle, erased ones.

rose gold short hair

Rose gold hair also conquered the trends even in the rebellious, messy forms, in which it is associated with very light or very dark roots. All you need to know is which way to go when wanting to get rose gold hairstyle: if you have black hair, choose more intense shades of rose, but if you have a light-colored hair ornament, it is a must to use more subtle notes that harmonize with your natural hue, in order to have the right shade of rose gold hairstyle.

And rose gold hair also implies the advantage of looking gorgeous with any hairstyles and haircuts! It will be seductive in rose gold haircuts and styles like light curls, offering even more femininity, but also in the company of a textured bob rose gold hairstyle, the star of current trends.

A rose gold hairstyle will look divine when associated with the most romantic styles of 2020 spring. The rose gold hair is so exciting that it won’t let your heart overshadow it, wearing one of your ordinary pig tails. On the contrary, the rose gold hair will invite you to make braids, to become a master in stylish knots rose gold hairstyle at the back, or to appeal to attractive twists rose gold hairstyle on straight hair.

rose gold red hair


  • As for the makeup associated with rose gold hair, we advise you to bet on a bright, glowing complexion. You can wear deep colors on the lips and nude tones on the eyelids and try not to forget the blush cheeks: the blush is undoubtedly the star of today’s makeup. But even the delicate lips, in the juicy shades of berries, are not overlooked.
  • Appeals to the same sweet romance with clothing also! Blouses with bare shoulders, hats, ruffled dresses and flowered ones are the best friends of rose gold hair. But do not ignore the unexpected powers that our current color lends to minimalism: the simple combination of shirt and jeans is brought to another level of pink mats.
  • Also in terms of clothes for rose gold hair, neutral colors will be your best friend. Colors like orange, peaches, will best match your new hair color.
  • Last but not least, the most important question is: ¨How do I get this wonderful rose gold hair?¨. We recommend that you go to a stylist, who will know how to choose the shades of rose gold hair that best suit you, but also the methods by which your hair learns the cool shades of pink, without having too much to suffer. We do not think it is necessary to remember that the brown, the light brown, or the red one must undergo a process of discoloration to become rose gold!
  • On the other hand, if you have very light hair and are confident in your experience as a beauty addict, you can use the variants of the color. At the first attempt, it doesn’t hurt to opt for a tint or semi-permanent coloring cream to make sure you get all the knowledge you need.

rose gold pink hair

Who Can Wear Rose Gold Hair?

The ideal color of hair that can adopt this golden rose blonde is the natural blonde. Light shades are a wonderful canvas for these rose gold experiments for many reasons. In principle, because no intense discoloration is needed, maybe not at all. The shades of gold are beautifully lost in the already existing blonde and bring a special glow. However, if you have a darker blonde hue, bleaching is recommended for the best results.

If you thought you were the only one who can’t call the golden blonde because you are browned hair, you’re wrong. With a correct approach and strategy, these two shades can form a sufficiently pleasant and feminine mix. The best way to allow browned hair women to adopt this shade of blonde is through a balayage technique.

Really difficult to get this shade of blonde will be for the brunettes. This golden pink hue can be adopted for any shade of hair, but for the brunettes, the process will be much more complex and lasting. To get this shade of blonde, you will have to prepare for several sessions at the salon, where your hair will be subjected to intense discoloration. Also, after the painting process, you will have to visit the salon quite often to refresh your rose gold color.

rose gold ombre on dark hair

How to Maintain Rose Gold Hair

It is not easy to maintain the shine of blonde hair, but with the right care products, it can become an easy mission.
Here are the products that will help you maintain your desired color for longer.

1. Invest in a professional shampoo

Over time, the much-desired shade of blond fades. It calls for a shampoo that helps neutralize the tones of yellow in the hair. This type of product store purple pigments maintain the cold reflection of the blonde color and hydrates intensely.

2. Special hair conditioner for blonde hair

Opt for a hair conditioner created especially for dyed or rose blonde hair. These products work in-depth, contain substances that neutralize the yellow tones and leave the hair hydrated and smooth. The best choices are those containing keratin and other nourishing oils that will repair the thread. You need moisturizing products because bleach is a product that dries a lot of hair.

3. A blonde hair treatment mask

The masks have a much greater hydration power than the balm, so do not hesitate to add a boost of vitality to your hair. Choose a mask specially designed for blonde hair to keep your color as long as possible. Use it once or twice a week for an enviable hair ornament.

4. Hair oil

Unlike hair masks that you only use once or twice a week, hair oil can be used daily to combat dehydration and damage. If you are used to heat-using hairstyling tools, this product should not be missing from your care routine. Choose an oil with a lightweight formula that will not load your hair. Among the ingredients that revitalize your color are: argan oil, vitamin E and panthenol.

There is a special oil which is an elixir made from a mixture of 3 different oils (argan, almond, and jojoba), this oil leaves hair soft, soft, shiny and easy to comb. The content of argan oil has a strong nutritional effect, the almond oil provides extreme hydration without loading the hair, and the jojoba oil acts on degraded ends and lengths.

5. Spray for shine

A glow spray is the first aid you can give to your hair if it has become dull, dry and damaged. This product enhances the color effect by adding extra intensity.
There are special sprays that can be used for any type of hair. It is a non-fixing spray that gives shine without loading hair and contains a UV filter.

rose gold ombre hair

How to Make Your Own Rose Gold Hair at Home – Tutorial

Although it is not recommended to do the dyeing process at home, if you still think you are good and that it will not be a failure, these are the steps to achieve a pink gold blond hair at home:

  1. You need 3 shades of paint in order to create the rose gold hair: blonde, gold, and pink, which you will mix so that you get the desired shade later.
    Note: You will only get the desired shade of blond golden pink if your hair is naturally blond, or at least a light shade of color. If you use a semi-permanent paint on dark colored hair, the result may be different and far from what you actually proposed.
  2. Before starting the process of creating the rose gold hair, comb your hair well to make sure it is not tangled and so the paint will be placed on each strand of hair. Put a towel on your shoulders to avoid getting dirty, or you can get dressed in an old shirt that you won’t regret if you dirty it.
  3. Divide your hair into sections, preferably 4.
  4. The coloring process can begin: Protect your hands with rubber or latex gloves. You will need to start with the back section of the hair, taking the strands and putting on your colored mixture. For the best results, you can use hair paintbrush. Be very careful about the roots! Keep painting until you finish with each strand.
  5. Once you have finished applying the paint to all the hair, start massaging the mixture into the hair. This will help you get a uniform color and not wake up with unpleasant surprises.
  6. Allow the color to dry and penetrate the hair. You will have to wait 30-45 minutes for the color to develop properly. To stabilize the hair color, you can wash your hair with cold water…
  7. After you wash your hair, allow it to dry naturally so as not to destroy the freshly applied color.
  8. Done, your rose gold is ready to shine!

Rose Gold Hair Ideas

rose gold hairstyles

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