60 Pin Up Hairstyles Easy to Make for a Vintage Style

Pin up hairstyles are representative for the 1940s. If you want to look amazing at a party, or at a cool night in the club, these hairstyles are great choices. Take a look at our suggestions and get ready to impress everyone with a fabulous retro-inspired look!

Pin up hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles define the way popular models and beautiful actresses from Hollywood used to wear their hair. They had to stand out, to look like divas. During World War II, the soldiers pined up their photos to walls in a sign of admiration, to brighten up their days. The vintage hairstyles never lose their beauty and fashion comes back improved from time to time. These hairstyles are appropriate also for the bachelorette parties, for themed-party evenings, you can wear them for a professional photoshoot or a night out with your friends, so you have a lot of occasions where you can look great by wearing them. If you want to try these gorgeous hairstyles, we recommend you to read forward and to pay attention to our photos below.

vintage pin up hairstyles

Easy pin up hairstyles with volume

The following examples are perfect if you want some lovely styles to make on your own. You can take the original old styles as references and adapt them to modern days because they are very trendy. The main difference is the old ones gave much more volume to the hair than the ones we recreate these days. In other words, you can give much volume to your hairstyle, but not in an exaggerated way.

There are different ways to obtain the volume for your hairstyle; you only need to pick up the one you prefer best.  For example, you can use professional hair spray, hair mousse or the efficient and simple bobby pins.

Rihanna Pin up hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles with curls

For these types of hairstyles, you can get inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s look. Who does not admire her originality? Her hairstyle will never go out of fashion, it is a timeless classic. Many models and celebrities get inspired to form her versatile curls and they adapt them to match their personal style because of these curls easy to create and they stand at the basis of a lot of vintage hairstyles. Recreate the original look and add it a little twist. You can wear glamorous pin up curls, they are very easy to do, no matter the length of your hair.

prom pin up hairstyles

Pin up curls tutorial

Step 1
The first step is to take a section of hair and use a little gel on it. Make sure your hair is damp on the root, because this is the proper way your hair can be controlled.

Step 2
Step two consists in taking the same section around your finger and you can choose the direction of orientation of the curls.

Step 3
In step three, you must hold the respective curl against the scalp and slide it slowly off your finger.

Step 4
In step four, you must use a pin to hold the same curl in that place, so it cannot get loose.

Step 5
Step five is the last one, and it refers to allowing your hair to dry because you have that gel in it. The best solution is to stay with the curls overnight. If you wish to have tight curls, then you must comb them less, and on the contrary, if you want the loose curls style, then use the brush a little more, until you achieve the look you desire.

If you are impressed by our recommendations of gorgeous pin up hairstyles, feel free to give them a try! The good results will make a strong impression on everybody and all men will turn their heads to see you when you are around them.

Top Pin Up Hairstyles photos

1. Pin Up Hairstyles Medium Hair

pin up hairstyles for medium hair
Tool hair is simply enough time to experiment with a few of one of the most lovely pin up hairdos.

One variation that you can check out, for instance, is this complete rolled updo.

Not just is it enjoyment to appreciate, however, it likewise has functional high qualities by releasing your face.

2. Victory Rolls

pin up hairstyles Victory Rolls
It’s difficult to discuss pin-up hairdos without bringing triumph rolls right into the conversation.

The intricate hairstyle is allegedly motivated by activities of competitor aircraft throughout WWII, which left roll-like routes behind them.


wavy pin up hairstyles
Every person assumes you require crinkling irons to recreate a number of the pinup looks you see however the truth is … You do not. You can conveniently accomplish a few of these appearances, particularly this attractive curly design, with the aid of some clever blow-drying, your hair straighteners and also some hair holds.

4. Pin Up Hair with Bangs

Pin Up Hair with Bangs
Bumper bangs are a life-saver for girls that hesitate to striking the scissors to develop their edge.

They’re in fact artificial bangs, produced by rolling the hair inwards, towards your hairline, and also pinning them in position.

The last form is exactly how they obtained their “bumper” name.

5. PIN UP with CURLS

Make certain you clean the swirls out to accomplish this attractive pin up swirls look if you’re going to utilize crinkling tongs. This is simply an initial, curly appearance yet touseled and also launched so instead of being swirls, they’re waves rather.

6. Headscarf Hairstyles

pin un Headscarf Hairstyles
Headscarves are an irreplaceable device amongst pin up hairdos.

With the assistance of one, you can try out many updo hairdos, concentrating on the leading component of your hair for designing.

To round off the appearance, connect the pointers of the headscarf in a bow on one side.


There’s a technique to it you see …

You’ll want to desire to begin day post-washed hair. If you have actually cleansed and also conditioned hair, it’ll be also ‘cozy’ as well as light unless you utilize lots of hairsprays as well as back-combing (which isn’t wonderful for your hair by the means).

When in setting, hold with bobby pins, as well as if you have blonde hair, usage blonde pins to guarantee they’re not also noticeable. Spray with hairspray, pin the rest of the hair up, as well as include a headscarf for a genuine pinup touch.

8. 50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

50's Hairstyles for Long Hair
There aren’t any kind of restrictions to the pinup hairdos you can have enjoyable with if you have lengthy hair.

From half up hairdos to elaborate updos and also, even more, do not be reluctant to utilize your creative imagination when preparing your following appearance.

9. BETTIE PAGE pin up hairstyle

BETTIE PAGE pin up hairstyle
Brief bangs aren’t a very easy appearance. Child bangs are high upkeep, require to be maintained consistently in-check, and also do not function well with all face kinds. If you have the time and also commitment required for this appearance, and also your brows are ‘on fleek’, this is a wonderful one to go for.

10. Pin Up Hair Bandanna Design

Pin Up Hair Bandanna Design
In addition to headscarves, turbans are equally as prominent as pin up hair devices.

It’s fantastic that you can discover them with all types of prints, from red stripes to polka dots, to the traditional paisley pattern. Pick a style that finest suits your clothing.

11. Rosie the Riveter Hairstyles

Rosie the Riveter Hairstyles
Bandannas have actually most likely ended up being a staple for pin up hairdos owing to Rosie the Riveter.

Does it not call a bell? Exactly how around a specific “We Can Do It!” poster from The second world war?

Currently, an indispensable social symbol, Rosie the Riveter appearance is an icon of feminism around the world.


It’s a traditional pinup, bombshell hairdo as well as one that we can not drop yet aid crazy with. If you desire a less complicated method to coax your hair right into an appearance like this, warmed rollers will certainly be your ideal close friend. You do not constantly require to count on crinkling tongs as well as hair straighteners to accomplish the appearance.

13. Jayne Mansfield Waves

Jayne Mansfield Waves
What far better method to obtain pin up ideas than from one of the most renowned versions connected with this design?

We’ll begin with Jayne Mansfield and also her trademark wavy hair. She constantly had it styled with soft, loosened swirls that are clear-cut for the design to this really day.


pin up hairstyles UPDO
This is a sophisticated and also stunning updo for any type of pinup infant as well as is really extremely basic to do. It’s a success roll however with much less elevation, even more, spiral, as well as a little much less excellence.
For those days you do not have time to do anything else, the remainder of your hair can be bound, pinned up, turned right into a chignon, covered with a headscarf, or whatever you such as. With the front item of your hair, merely backcomb a little, include a fast eruption of hairspray, crinkle right into a mini triumph roll as well as a safeguard in position with your hairpin. As soon as you have actually done it 3 or 4 times, it, in fact, ends up being exceptionally simple, similar to a lot of points in life.

15. Hairstyles with Accessories

pin up hairstyles with accessories
As you most likely have actually discovered, devices play a huge duty in pin up hairdos.

From headscarves to blossoms or turbans, you will certainly usually see a classic coiffure with an attractive device.

The enjoyable component is that you do not need to consider a tiny one; risk to go large with your own.


Forging a bob when you have lengthy hair is in fact truly basic once you understand exactly how, and also as you can see, the pinup look simply functions completely with it.
Warmed rollers will certainly aid offer you some quantity at the origins to begin with, and also you ought to absolutely make use of some volume-adding mousse prior to drying out also. Developing that side parting initially, divide an area at the front which you will certainly after that swing right into area, mounting your face, later.

The method to forging that bun-look is to put the hair under, making use of the quantity as a smoke-screen to conceal the size. Put it under, pin it up as well as discuss it with a child brush to clean up away any kind of loosened ends, as well as you, take a look that is attractive, vibrant and also horribly pinup!

17. Rockabilly Ponytails

Rockabilly Ponytails
Influenced by among the really initial kinds of rock-and-roll songs, rockabilly has actually become a design of its very own.

Nowadays, rockabilly can be conveniently determined via a mix of pin up design as well as edgy components, varying from dark make-up to tattoos in wealth.

Attempt the design out with a pin upbraid!


pin up hairstyles
Red is such an excellent shade and also when it involves pinups, you can not forget that initial redheaded pinup– Jessica Bunny. It’s vibrant and also take on shade to go with yet if you wish to be a pinup woman, why not leap right in and also attempt something brand-new and also vibrant?

Ensure you have great problem hair prior to you go with an appearance this vibrant or else the shade will not hold whatsoever. You must additionally know that this appearance is a really high upkeep one. If you miss out on a hair consultation, it will certainly quickly look orange as well as in some cases, not an excellent orange.

19. Half Up Pin Up Hairstyles

Half Up Pin Up Hairstyles
Along with a myriad of updos, pin up hairdos consist of equally as several fifty percent up half down choices.

We suggest this choice for girls that seem like styling their hair, yet not completely.

You will certainly emphasize your face attributes in a stunning method.


pin up hair curly
If you have cosy, kinky swirls, do not cover them up or correct them out. Accept them rather with this magnificent curly pin up appearance! If you can not defeat them, join them, as they claim.

Gel or wax will certainly assist you to obtain that super-sleek, straightness you see on top of the head however near the bottom, allow your curly hairdo their point, include lots of mousses to obtain them cozy as well as excellent. Accept the fluff!

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vintage pin up hairstyles
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