Nicki Minaj Shares Her Secret to Current Fat Burning as well as Exactly How She Strategies to Lose 20 Pounds

Nicki Minaj is opening up concerning her weight-loss trip. During an episode of Queen Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the 37-year-old rap artist disclosed precisely how, in 2019, which she counts as one of her “favorite years so far,” she found out exactly how to use her power to achieve a lot more.

“[I] directed every one of my power as well as currently I have manage of it. I control exactly how it shows up in my life,” she stated.

One method she placed that lesson right into activity was by transforming her diet regimen.

“I was trying to do this diet, and I kept putting it off. I didn’t think I could have the discipline in what I ate,” she discussed. “Once my mind was committed to it, my body committed to it.”

Though Minaj stated that she’s still “20 pounds away from my goal weight,” she likewise kept in mind that she is concentrated on self-love despite her natural look.

“I’ve been talking about that this year too, about being kind to yourself and allowing yourself to be human, while at the same time, being motivated and powerful, but also treating yourself as if you love yourself too”, she stated. “And being easy on yourself. Like, nothing and no one is perfect”…

“… One time I was thinking… what if one of my best friends said the things that I say to myself? The people who love you don’t talk to you like that, don’t treat you like that, don’t say things like that to make you feel pain, but we do that to ourselves”, she included. “Women, we do that to ourselves all the time over our bodies”.