Top 10 Black Nail Designs

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 4:04pm by Jennifer

Black nail designs engage a lot of styles: from rock-inspired themes, to elegant patterns or chic decorations, they draw the attention, suggesting the woman who wears such manicure is bold, eccentric and chic. While most women prefer nude or natural colours, black is certainly something different and it takes courage to experiment this side of the nail art. In this article, we present you some of the most beautiful and trendy black nail designs to serve you as inspiration.

Black Nail Designs

Black nail designs require good quality nail polish and instruments. Remember that it is necessary to take care of your nails before starting the painting process. It is recommended to have your nails anything but long or very long when you choose to wear black nail polish. So, cut them short or medium! Then, you need to make sure you have everything you need around you – prepare a desk or a table, where you put all the materials in front of you. You should not go searching for something while your nails are still wet, because this might ruin your work! If you do not have better skills, you need to practice, depending on the difficulty of the design you have chosen. Look at our photo gallery and get inspired! Opt for the black nail designs which represent you and everybody will admire them!

black and gold nail designs

Black nail polish base

If you want to paint your nails all black, you must know that the short and medium nails are the most appropriate for this style, otherwise, you risk looking as you have claws. Another aspect you need to take into consideration is that you must match the black nails to your clothing style. For example, a white dress will look great with a black manicure, because black and white create a contrasting effect. But there are no reasons to think if you want to wear black nails, you cannot ornate them, because it is possible to do this. It all depends on the outfit. Black matches any other colour, but the glitter elements, the light designs and vivid hues painted on the black nail polish base are the ones which stand out.

black girl nail designs

Black nail patterns

The reverse type of cool black nail designs is to paint the base in any colour, and the patterns must be black. Maybe sometimes you will need to practice more, but you will have great results!

Creative black nail designs

There are a lot of patterns, for example, the geometrical forms, which can be used with black designs mixed with other colours or decorations. If you want something simple, but with a sophisticated look, you can choose to do the polka dots, they are very fashionable. Use your imagination to create intricate combinations which make you look unique, combine elements of your choice to obtain mysterious effects, make your nails stand out with rhinestones, stickers, strands and glitter.

Choose the black nail designs that suit you best, and give them a try! You will be admired for your courage to wear something different and chic, and you will stand out wherever you go.

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