Nail designs for Christmas

Posted on Jul 22 2014 - 5:05am by Jennifer

The nail designs for Christmas are perfect for the holiday season. Choose your favourite styles and try them to obtain a trendy manicure which will make you be noticed and admired. In this article, we present you are some of the most beautiful of them.

The nail designs for Christmas and their importance
Everybody knows that winter holidays represent a special time of the year, especially for women, who are thrilled to decorate their house and bring up the magical atmosphere. With so much inspiration around, it is a great idea to do your nails based upon the spirit of Christmas too.

Nail designs for Christmas

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Playful snowflakes
At the first sight, it seems difficult to be able to paint snowflakes on your nails, but if you follow some simple instructions from a tutorial, you will learn how easy is to create them.
For example, do a French manicure and apply stickers or stamps if you do not have patience or experience to paint the snowflakes. For a better effect, choose to do 2 or 3 snowflakes on each hand. This style is proper not just for Christmas, but for the whole winter season.

Sweet candy canes
The candy canes nail designs for Christmas are very easy to do. You need 3 different colours. Choose one of them, let’s say red glitter, as background. Then you paint some oblique green stripes across the nail, you do thin white stripes between the green ones and the red parts and add a layer of clear nail polish. It is simple and stylish.

A cute snowman
This is one of the cutest nail designs for Christmas. You can choose to paint the background in light blue or red, even green and you may use glitter too, because it is a perfect choice for the snow. You can use 2 drops of white nail polish to paint the snowman and wait for them to fully dry. Then, paint the eyes with black nail polish.

Lovely ribbons
For these Christmas nail designs, you need some scotch tape. You may choose any colours you wish, but in this case we suggest you gren and red as example. First of all, you use green nail polish, then cover some parts of your nails with the scotch tape in the form of a ribbon. Use the red nail polish to paint the whole nail and after it dries, you carefully remove the scotch tape. The result will be green ribbons on red background.

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