Nail designs animal print

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 9:26pm by Jennifer

Nail designs animal print represent a challenge, but not all of them are hard to create. In this article, we gathered the most impressive designs to help you choose the ones you like best so you can show your wild side in the most stylish manner.

For animal print nail designs, you can find inspiration in regular pets, exotic animals or even fashion which you can adapt to look amazing on your manicure, and in the same time, to express your love for animals.

Nail designs animal print

Leopard nail designs

It is not difficult to make the leopard nail prints and there are some variations to choose from:

–          The regular leopard print in white nail basis with different ombre colours; after they are dried, you can add the leopard print followed by a clear nail polish.

–          Neon leopard nail designs animal print in white basis with random dots in different hues and a top coat; after that, you need to paint black dots in the shape of the letter C and other random black spots in different places, and a top coat at the end.

–          The leopard prints look amazing in any colour, so you can choose whatever you want or like best. You can even try 2 colours and paint them half and half, then do some dots with glitter, outline the C shape and paint random black spots. If you like, add a rhinestone in the centre of a single nail, at the basis. Add a clear nail polish and your nails will look gorgeous.

leopard print nail design

Zebra stripes

For these nail designs animal print, you have to practice first, because you need to be precise when you paint the stripes. First of all, paint in white nail polish the basic layer, then add black crooked lines with nail polish or stamp. You may add rhinestones if you like to have a shiny manicure.

zebra print nail designs

Tiger style

These wild designs are done in the same manner as the zebra prints, with the difference that you must add a brown gradient effect. In this way, the effect will enhance the design to make it more realistic.

Giraffe design

These animal print nail designs are very easy to do. Use brown nail polish to paint the first layer, then paint random hexagonal shapes with yellow. If you do not manage to paint them, you can buy and use some stamping plates instead.

Giraffe nails design

Snake nail prints

These nail designs are extravagant. You can choose to use metallic grey or brown or a feminine pink nail polish as the main colour. After it dries completely, sponge some black nail polish on your nails with a fishnet. Then, you remove the fishnet and apply a clear nail polish.

Snake nail prints

Mixed nail designs animal print

You can mix and match all these styles, one design on each nail, to get some amazing wild nail looks or you can add more animal prints on the same nail…

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