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Kylie Jenner nails tutorial 2019 step-by-step

by Jennifer
Kylie Jenner nails

Kylie Jenner surely manages to impress with her fashion, her hairstyles and not just that. Certainly a lot of people seek to get at least her nails style, because they rock! If you like them, you can also get the Kylie Jenner nails, all you have to do is knowing her tricks.


Certainly you don’t have to do superhuman efforts to get Kylie Jenner nails, with a little patience you can do them just by yourself at home.

Depending on which pattern you desire to use in order to obtain the Kylie Jenner’s nails, you will only need the matching products and everything will be easily done.

Here we present you a Kylie Jenner nail model that is simple, elegant and easy to do: Coffin-matte Kylie Jenner nails.

This model is not too sophisticated and it can be easily done, all you need is a pink-nude shade nail polish, a file, a matte top coat, a base coat, cuticle oil and a little wood stick for the cuticle.

If you have them, here we go!

Step 1: Prepare your nails

If you already have nail polish on your nails, remove it with some nail acetone and a cotton pad. After you managed to remove the nail polish, with the help of the little wood stick you will gently push back your cuticles, without getting hurt, because otherwise your nails can infect.

Step 2: Shape your nails

If you want your nails to look as good as Kylie Jenner’s nails, you will have to fine your nails into a uniform shape that has no bumps.

To get the coffin form, that is also known as the “ballerina nails”, you will have to make your nails even, at the same size. Then, using the file, give your nails the coffin form by getting rid of the angular edges of your nails, but try not to make them round, because that’s not a coffin shape!

Step 3: Apply the base coat

Apply a layer of the base coat all over your nails and try to cover the tip of your nails as well. In order to do this correctly, run the brush along the tips of the nails to make sure they are entirely covered with the base coat, and let them dry.

Step 4: Apply the nail polish

To get the desired shade, in this case the pink-nude shade, you should always apply two layers of nail polish.

When you are applying the layers, try not to make them thick, because they will dry slower; instead of this apply thin layers so that the nails will not look too thick – in this way your Kylie Jenner nails will last longer!

Step 5 : Apply the matte top coat and the cuticle oil

Apply the matte top coat all over your nails and let it dry. Don’t rush to do something after you have finished your nails and before you made sure they are completely dry, otherwise you would have lost all the time you spent to get your nails done.

After you have applied the matte top coat and it has dried, apply a few drops of cuticle oil and rub them to penetrate the skin…

Here you are! By following this 5 simple steps you will certainly manage to get Kylie Jenner nails, and to enjoy them!

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