The most beautiful nails designs 2018

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 9:01pm by Jennifer

Nail designs 2018 are top of the latest styles of manicure. In this article, we present you a photo gallery with the most beautiful, artistic and challenging ideas to help you choose your favourite ones for different occasions.

nails designs 2018

Nail art trends for 2018 are appropriate for daily usage, but also for special events, depending on what you need. You can create original designs by using various kinds of nail polish, accessories, decorations and applications.

•    Express the joy of summer by painting your nails with fun watermelon figures and critters (for example butterflies, ladybirds).
•    The French manicure is one of the prettiest and stylish nail designs 2018 trends. They are simple, but sophisticated. You can choose the classic style or, even better, opt for pastel hues which you can use separately or combined.
•    Be creative and paint your nails with random splashes of colours. This style is very cool, artistic and unconventional, your manicure will draw the attention for sure in a positive way. You can choose a white base coat for an intense effect.
•    One of the best nail designs 2018 is represented by the classical polka dots. You can try different combinations like black and white, red and green or yellow, blue and orange, or you can mix them as you wish.
•    Nautical nails are awesome, especially when you go to the seaside. Opt for blue, white, black and red hues with strips, anchors, and other nautical elements which are perfect for the summer time of 2018.
•    Ocean theme – paint waves, shells, sand, clouds, birds, even palm trees – these are awesome ideas if you want something different and relaxing.
•    The simple nail art ideas for 2018 are the perfect choice if you are tired of complicated designs.
•    The ombre nails are still hot, so you will impress everybody with this special style. This manicure has a gradient effect because it has a light colour in the bottom of the nail and it gets darker towards the tip. You may need patience to learn how to do this style, but it is spectacular and you can choose from various types of hues and designs, even with glitter.
•    You can also try different geometric patterns, they are trendy and draw the attention.
•    Neon accents are really breathtaking and they represent a big trend this year…
•    Our nail designs 2018 top also includes bold floral designs, because they are still in fashion. You can decorate them also with jewels.

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