20 most exclusive French tip nail designs

Posted on Nov 15 2014 - 12:55pm by Jennifer

French tip nail designs have suffered improvements these days. Offer more elegance to your hands and avoid the boredom of wearing the same popular French design all over again by trying the latest trends of French tip styles which will bring diversity to your manicure. Take a look at our examples and try to use your skills to create special tips for your French nails!

French tip nail designs

French tip nail designs represent some of the most beautiful and classy styles, therefore, you should try them. They are suitable for any occasion and for everyday wear. But these days, the manicurists have made important changes regarding the designs of the French tips, and this way, they have developed the possibilities of having a modern Parisian look. Many women show their preference for the French manicure, but this classy style is plain, very conservative. It is good to make a change once in a while, and modern women embrace various colours or patterns for the tips.  For the best results, we recommend you to use hign quality products.

black cute french tips nail design

Coloured French manicure

You can use two or multiple different colours to create diversified French tip nail designs. These are some great styles for parties, where you can wear something unconventional and less formal. There are so many possibilities of combining the colours, so you can use whatever you like, including the ombre technique, but make sure you avoid the neon nail polish, because it is not fashionable for the French manicure. Use classy nail polishes. For example, paint a base in one colour and add black French tips – this will reflect your elegance.

Coloured French tips

Use the same idea as in the previous section, but instead of using colours for the whole nail; apply it only on the tips. For the rest of the nail, use only the nude nail polish. You can have only one colour for the tips, or you can use multiple ones, depending on how you wish. These coloured French tip nail designs are very fun and trendy!

colored french tip nail designs

Nude base and black nail tips

Here is interesting perspective: instead of white, use the black nail polish for the tips of your French manicure. You can also add some symbols on it, for example stars, polka dots or stripes. This style is extremely elegant and you will have a rock vibe on your manicure.

Decorative elements

There are multiple creative possibilities of obtaining sophisticated French tip nail designs. For example, you can use the sequins to apply them after you have painted the base colour of your choice for the tips. Then insert some cool sequins on it and wait for them to dry on your nails, and then add a clear top coat for a better resistance. Your manicure will look gorgeous and it will stand out! Other great decorative elements are the stickers and the rhinestones.

cool french tip nail designs

Matte nail polish and shining French tips

You can make a great combination between a matte nail polish base and normal one for the tips to shine. You can use the same colour, because the matte texture will change the effect and the normal nail polish will turn the design into a great style. Remember that this time you must not use a clear top coat, because if you do so, you will ruin the aspect.

A touch of glitter

This style is very festive and chic. Use nude shades for the base and white tips, but add some delicate glitter line on them – the look will change instantly into something really impressive.

Your manicure will shine and it will make you be in the centre of attention with these modern French tip nail designs. If you like the styles we have shown you, then feel free to try them now!

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