60+ Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for an Enchanting Look

Mermaid hair is the latest trend in beauty salons, and the techniques by which it is obtained are quite spectacular. In this article, you will find the story behind the mermaid hair, how to have the perfect mermaid hair, and how to highlight it with hairstyles. Also, there will be a hairstyle tutorial to do on your own.

Mermaid hair is the trend that seems to have replaced the one of last year, namely the mermaid tail. The syntagma is given by the coloring technique by which the tones of the strands are incredibly close, giving a discreet but changed hairstyle. Discretion is the word that characterizes the hair so arranged, regardless of whether the color shades are blonde or rainbow.

purple mermaid hair
purple mermaid hair


History of Mermaid Hair

The mermaid hair technique was created by specialist KL Christofferson and it is practically a reinvention of another method trendy in the past years, called balayage. As with the latter method, the color is applied to small segments of hair, with the brush, but here, when it comes to the mermaid hair, the similarities end.

The mermaid hair is differentiated by separating into the beautiful strands of the hair ornament. Thus, when the hair is dyed blonde, the strands are very thin; they appear to be slightly discolored from the sun, and therefore the change is a discrete one but of effect. The goal of the “mermaid hair” hairstyle is to create a gradient of colors, in the form of a triangle that perfectly continues with the natural or basic shade of your hair.

This type of hairstyle is as loved and desired by women as rainbow or gray hair. It seems that everything that is unique and stands out, like the the mermaid hair color, attracts the female population.

Although hair in the color of succulent plants and jewelry roots seemed to be the biggest trend in hair color this year, it seems that new ideas are starting to emerge for this season. Mermaids have always been an inspiration to us, both in terms of makeup and nails, as well as for hair. In 2020, the mermaids and the marine life are the inspiration of the moment in the matter of hairstyles and give birth to trends that combine shades of green, blue and yellow in the coloring of the hair ornament.

The celebrities were the first to start the competition: who has the most beautiful mermaid hair? Jenner’s clan member, Kylie, is already famous for her voluptuous lips, but also for the fantastic frequency with which she changes her hair colors, and the shades of blue have enhanced her olive complexion!

pastel mermaid hair
pastel mermaid hair

Not only brunettes, but blondes know how to have fun with mermaid hair in 2020! At least that’s how Hilary Duff leaves us to believe. The owner of some of the most beautiful wedding dresses in Hollywood shocked her fans when she dyed her hair blue-green, detaching herself from the neat image of her already assigned mother.

The technique of mermaid hair is made by dyeing the hair in shades of blue or green, either individually or by interleaving, overlapping, or joining these colors! Let your creativity speak its way because this trend of mermaid hair color in no way wants to limit you!

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Of course, mermaid hair looks the most beautiful when it is associated with romantic curls, detached as if from the look of the fairies of the sea, but you should not feel discouraged if you do not flatter yourself with the princess hair. As I said before, the mermaid hair only advertises a significant dose of courage and becomes friendly quite quickly with medium hair or even pixie haircut!

The romantic braids “also make a good home” with this surprising technique of coloring the hair, the mermaid hair, giving it a boho character, and tempering it as if daring. Isn’t that the blue and green splashes that look spectacular with these fairytale hairstyles?

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And if the decision is still overturned, we offer other variations of the mermaid hair trend! Add white or gray touches for added refinement or “warm-up” in shades of pink and target other trends that 2020 adores: unicorn hair or rainbow hair.

mermaid ombre hair
mermaid ombre hair

The Most Representative Colors of Mermaid Hair

At this kind of hairstyle, the mermaid hair, you have to risk a little. No matter your style or personality, there is a mermaid hair look that was made for you. Pick contrasting shades are appropriate for mermaid hair, or go for colors that are right next to each other on the color chart. Get ready to apply your love for a color to your hair! Don’t let others change your mind or tell you that something is not fitting you when it comes to mermaid hair color! You are the only person who can tell this about yourself. If you want rainbow hair, get it. If you want mermaid hair, the same!

1. Pastel Colors
Known as “pastel”, these colors are the stars of 2020. In shades of lavender, pink-romantic, or raw green, they join the basic color for mermaid hair. For a pastel look, you need to turn to a professional. It will apply a combination of shades to your liking, using the famous balayage technique.

mermaid hair color
mermaid hair color

After this, the mermaid hair color will get vibrant shades, and the effect will be more natural compared to the old shade trend. The advantage of this technique is that it produces a natural effect. Your hair looks as if it were submerged in a bath of fresh colors.

2. Metallic Shades
This season, the metallic shades remain a trend and they can be used for the mermaid hair color. The most popular variants include the silver mermaid blonde and the red brass. And for more classic variants, you can opt for brown copper. The demands of the professional salons led to the extension of the metallic palette over the colors preferred by most women. Thus, you can choose to switch from dark red to strong copper for your mermaid hair color.

mermaid hair waves
mermaid hair waves

To counterbalance the gray hues, stylists resort to delicate combinations between bright colors and metallic accents. For example, you can choose golden brown variants or metallic blonde strands for the classic blonde color you have. It is preferable to ask the opinion of a stylist because the discoloration procedures have different consequences depending on the type of hair and the past of dyeing.

3. Red Redefined
Red remains a classic choice for many women for the mermaid hair color. In this season, red loses color strength at the expense of brightness. Thus, the shades of “bronde” made of red and bronze are very modern. Equally attractive are the shades of blond-strawberry and red-gold for mermaid hair.

If you want to test these shades only as a follow-up or to make a significant change, they become the ally of a youthful air. So, confidently choose baby light strands for these colors. Easy to maintain, and with a natural look, the baby light style will make your blonde hairstyle suit and look like a natural extension of your hair.

mermaid red hair
mermaid red hair

Tips for Mermaid Hair

– It is recommended not to wash your hair for three days before dying it to get mermaid hair color because the natural oils of your hair help the lightening process.
– Except for the very light hair, using bleach first is recommended.
– Ensure that your hair is brushed very well to remove any tangles before applying the color.
– Mermaid hair color works on different levels, so if you want more green and less blue or more purple and a little red, then you can make that choice! Some might be inspired by mermaid Ariel and prefer to go for a specific one shade. This way, the process will be simpler, but it also depends on your taste when it comes to mermaid hair color.
– If you like the ombre mermaid hair, then you can mix the dye with conditioner( when you dye it at home).
– Follow all the instructions on the hair dye kit very carefully, so you avoid unpleasant situations. Also, use petroleum jelly on your forehead, neck, and ears to prevent letting the dye to touch the skin.
– Always use special shampoo for colored hair so you can maintain it healthy and the color fresh when you have mermaid hair color.

mermaid green hair
mermaid green hair

How to Take Care of Mermaid Hair

Because mermaid hair has become one of the most popular trends of 2020, we should know how demanding it is to maintain it. Having mermaid hair is like having blonde hair or light shade, which is pretty tricky. Here is some advice for the care of mermaid hair:

1. Wash your hair with cold water!
Yes, exactly. Coldwater! This is essential for the mermaid hair color because it not only provides relief to your scalp, which will be irritated from the bleach, but also cold water prevents the dye from washing out quickly. If you use hot water, the color will fade away soon, and will force you to refresh the color either by yourself, either at the salon, which can be pretty expensive.

2. Don’t use the normal shampoos and conditioners from the drugstore.
These products contain sulfates which make the dye to wash out faster. When you are looking for shampoos and conditioners, make sure you use products that don’t have these kinds of sulfates. The best products are the ones your hairdresser recommends.

3. Don’t wash your hair too often, but take care of it frequently!
Mermaid hair should only be washed 2-3 times a week, not every day. Still, you have to find the perfect schedule that works for your hair. On the other side, we have a conditioner. Conditioning your hair is essential, and you have to do it every two days. It helps your hair getting stronger and it can prevent the dyeing process not to damage your hair badly.

4. Avoid using heat!
We know that having a mermaid’s hair and not trying all the hairstyles that can highlight your hair is hard, but it is better! The bleaching process and dyeing process expose the hair to a lot of chemicals that can destroy your hair. Using heat after all of these can be pretty bad for your hair. Instead of using the hairdryer, you can let your hair dry naturally. Also, if you want curly hair, you can make it without using heat. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet where you can get some curls like you were born with them.

mermaid color hair
mermaid color hair

Mermaid Tails and Celebrities

If you want a look like Blake Lively, you have to split your hair in two: a more generous side and a thinner calf, which you will weave. Grab them both and decorate them with a precious and colorful brochure. The slightly careless appearance of the tail will make you think of a mermaid who tangled her mites in the coral reef!

Selena Gomez has relied on a simple and easy to achieve look: she separates the hair in two and twists both sides. By the same process, unite them.

Amanda Seyfried proposes the third option. The traditional weaving technique made her tail, but in the end, the secret is to pull a lot of twists in the sides! The tail will look bigger, and it will get a romantic and feminine look, worthy of a mermaid!

blue mermaid hair
blue mermaid hair

How to Make a Mermaid Tail Tutorial

After the fishtail tail, goddess braids, and spikes, another wave is mermaid braid or mermaid tail, and we tell you how to do it! First of all, the mermaid tail looks best on medium to long and very long hair, and for excellent results, it would be ideal for a base with curly or looped tails.

The hairstyle seems difficult, but it is simpler than you think. All you need to know to get the so-called siren tail is to make a three-string braid. This look will more favor those with long hair because the visual impact will be great.

– To begin with, you must split your hair into two. You can put the whole hair ornament on one side or let it fall on its back.

– After you split your hair in two, take each part, divide it into three, and start braiding. Careful! The secret is to bend the back. Specifically, instead of passing the strand over the strand, pass the strand under the strand.

mermaid hair braid
mermaid hair braid

– After you have done this on both sides of the hair, thus obtaining two tails on the back, gently pull the outside of each tail to create a slightly bent look. If you are trimmed in stairs, and a few wires come out, do not worry, because the final look is a little negligent.

– In the end, place the tail near the tail so that it looks like it forms a single one. Secure with staples on the inside.

Therefore, consider the mermaid hairstyle because there is a small chance that it will not fit your features. And even so, using a semi-permanent color, you have no reason not to try this new hair trend.

Mermaid Hair Ideas

  1. Pink Braided Updo

Mermaid Hair 1

Enchanting as well as special! This pink design verifies that a mermaid can shake a ballerina bun for dance, exercising, or simply being fantastic. The design begins with hair French intertwined from the neck of the neck towards the crown. The remainder of the hair is brushed up right into a loosened, high bun on the top as well as safeguarded with pins.

2. Short Hair

Mermaid Hair 2

Women with brief hair don’t need to lose out on the preferred mermaid designs. The most recent suggestion is to cut range patterns right into extremely brief locations of hair. In this instance, the pattern proceeds right around the reduced fifty percent of the head. Ahead, pink locks end up the fantastic appearance. The result is trendy, special, as well as extremely mermaid!

3. Long Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 3

Take Advantage Of lovely teal hair shade with this womanly design. Hair requires to be texturized to enlarge the hairs. Lady with great hair might require to utilize expansions to make this job. The teal hair is intertwined right into a loosened—however not untidy—fishtail. It’s safeguarded with pins as well as a couple of vibrant blossom clips to finish the appearance.

4. Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 4

There’s a great deal of blue available, however this simple hairdo maximizes vibrantly tinted hair. Mermaid hairdos don’t constantly need to be insane or complicated. For this appearance, layer hair with a heat-protecting item as well as texturizing spray. After that, utilize a flatiron to produce untidy waves, operating in areas towards the face.

5. Green and Blue Bun Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 5

Pastel dyes might require a light structure, however there are incredible hair dyes for dark hair, as well. This appearance reveals what you can do with dark hair shade without totally whitening it initially. The teal hair morphs to algae green at the ends. Design with a high, complete braid and refined fish ranges cut right into the neck.

6. Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 6

Distinct hair shade isn’t constantly easy. You’ll desire the aid of a skilled colorist to obtain these intricate hair highlights perfect. When you do, you’ll have quite mermaid hair shades that look finest in a great, simple design. Display your shade fad with lengthy, loosened waves cleaned right into a simple hairdo.

7. Pink Twisted Braid Updo

Mermaid Hair 7

Mermaids ought to never ever have picky hair. Pink hairs obtain a charming hairdo in this trendy updo that doesn’t take itself as well seriously. The loosened, twisted Braid is pinned around the head, with hairs took out as well as covered with gel to make them spiky. An enjoyable design that’s simply a little insane, this hair suggestion demonstrates how incredible pink mermaid designs can be.

8. Light Blue Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 8

Pretty hair shades are best displayed with long, moving designs. This lovely hair suggestion maximizes a unique hair shade that’s ideal for the mermaid shade fad. Silvery blue is just one of our preferred tones for 2018. For wedding events, senior proms, as well as various other unique celebrations, this beautiful appearance is boosted with white flower hair devices.

9. Light Colors Style

Mermaid Hair 9This beautiful design is ideal for the mermaid that can’t pick simply one—or more, like 3—shades. Enhance your hairs with sprinkles of teasing pastels in pink, lavender, green, yellow, and blue. Maintain this appearance wonderful as well as easy with adorable, simple hairdos. Lengthy layers are curved around a level iron to maintain this appearance fast and trendy.

10. Purple Ombre Mermaid Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 10

Purple hair shade is a great shade fad for mermaids that are extra edgy than wonderful. Try to find a deep color to locate the best hair color for dark hair. Lighter hair will certainly obtain a much more significant ombre result. Display this fantastic shade with a simple hairdo like loosened waves that place the limelight on the tinted hair.

11. Mermaid Hair Scales

Mermaid Hair 11

For an appearance as beautiful as the sea, use blue-green hair color to attain a saturated color. This special hair shade requires just a fairly fast as well as simple application of color. For additional effect, cut fish ranges in back. With all tinted hair, make sure to get it appropriately as well as use a sparkle item at the end.

12. Green Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 12

Beachy waves have actually never ever been even more gorgeous. Long, loosened locks obtain a mermaid transformation with a simple, one-color application. This shade of green—we think about it as silvery algae—is just one of the most effective hair shades we’ve seen in the mermaid hair fad. Improve the ocean-inspired design with a captivating sea celebrity hair device.

13. Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 13

If you’ve ever before listened to that redheads can’t do mermaid shade, look no more than this inspiring design! Hair color for dark hair does take a bit even more preparation. Your ends might require to be blonde very first to attain heaven ombre hair of your mermaid desires. After that, flaunt the lovely shade in long, loosened waves.

14. Braided Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 14

As gorgeous as the waves of a sunlit sea, this blue-green color attains optimum mermaid design. When your blue ends up this adorable, maintain your hair concepts easy by putting on lengthy swirls down your back. A loosened fishtail Braid maintains hair off the face as well as improves the charming design.

15. Blue and Blond Ombre

Mermaid Hair 15

Perfect for the mermaid that suches as to rock-and-roll, this design is the best in cool. Deep blue origins circulation right into lengthy platinum layers for a visual that’s eccentric, and hip. Accomplish this simple hairdo by blow-drying on a rounded brush. Relocate your component over at the end to bump up quantity ahead.

16. Braid Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 16

This extreme teal hair shade is pure dramatization. Teal hair color is a fantastic selection for anybody, consisting of those with dark hair shades. Obtain this appearance by paint hair around with one color, or blend it up by including hair highlights in a lighter color. Display the shade with an untidy French braid.

17. Short Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 17

Fabulous as well as enjoyable, this blue-green hair shade will certainly make you really feel every square inch a mermaid. Hair is filled with an abundant color as well as scooped right into adorable matching buns. The rear of the head is cut right into fish ranges. Amp up the sea mood by tinting each spot of hair a various color of blue or green.

18. Ombre Braided Hair

Mermaid Hair 18

When a mermaid requires to look sleek, ditch the beachy waves and opt for stick-straight hair. Purple ombre hair that discolors to fade blue is a stunning take on the mermaid shade fad. This adorable hair shade actually beams in a streamlined design emphasized by a loosened Braid throughout the crown.

19. Long Ombre Hair

Mermaid Hair 19

Purple has actually never ever looked much better. Deeply hued origins slowly discolor to silvery lavender suggestions. The special shade is boosted by the lovely design. Spin a lock of hair from each side of the face as well as pin them with each other in the back. After that, make a loosened Braid that drops as well as mixes right into completions.

20. Blonde-Blue Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 20

Pretty pastel tones of lavender, blue, as well as yellow integrate in this adorable hairdo. It’s a basic take on the mermaid shade fad. All-natural blonds will certainly locate it simple to obtain hair highlights in the pastel colors. Darker hair will certainly require to be lightened to a light blonde prior to the attractive shades are repainted on.

21. Retro Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 21

Hey there, dramatization! For an awesome result, black roots are combined with tones of silver. Pink-orange hair highlights are contributed to bring a tip of sundown to the appearance. While the shade is a showstopper, the design is equally as lovely. Hair is turned as well as developed right into rose-petal buns for a unique as well as attractive design.

22. Long Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 22

For the best mermaid hair shade, repaint your hairs with a rainbow of pastel ombre tones. Blue, purple, pink, green, as well as yellow collaborated to make this of the most effective hair shades we’ve seen in the mermaid fad. Long, soft waves flaunt the shade. For an additional womanly touch, include a hand-crafted blossom crown.

23. Pink and Blonde Ombre

Mermaid Hair 23

A refined take on mermaid hair, this appearance is quite nice. The pink roots discolor in stamina a couple of inches below the crown. The remainder of the hair’s size is special color of platinum. The shade is finest displayed with simple, distinctive waves. Include radiate product to make this pink as well as platinum look radiance.

24. Big Braided Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 24

Mermaid hair is so lovely in pink! This can also collaborate with dark hair shades, relying on just how deep the color of color is. Extremely dark hair might require to be lightened prior to the pink is used. For a charming design, collect hair right into a loosened French braid that tracks down one side.

25. Purple Curls

Mermaid Hair 25

Go with significant purple hair with this deep, saturated color. Perfect for dark hair shades, this abundant color of shade is fantastic. The lengthy layers look finest crinkled as well as cluttered right into loosened waves. Apply radiate spray after styling to make the purple hair appearance much more fantastic.

26. Turquoise Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 26

When the sea perspective satisfies the skies on a bright early morning, they produce a superb color of blue. Record that minute of excellence with this hair suggestion. Lengthy hair is lightened and afterwards filled with a pastel color of blue. The special hair shade reveals finest in a streamlined, straight design.

27. Pink Medium Braided Hair

Mermaid Hair 27

Mermaids with side part will certainly enjoy this stylish hair shade. Origins go warm pink as well as discolor to pink-blonde at the ends. The result is enjoyable, young, as well as cool. Display this medium-size design by drawing the leading third of hair right into a loosened French braid. Pin right into area as well as don’t hesitate to allow a couple of hairs fly totally free.

28. Rainbow Medium Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 28

Exists something as a metropolitan mermaid? If there is, we wagered she’ll shake this special hair shade! Deep rainbow colors of purple, pink, as well as yellow brighten every hair of this chin-length bob. Short, candid bangs bring a pop of shade to the face. Bend hair around a flatiron for additional activity.

29. Deep Blue Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 29

This attractive design is ideal for hair with dark origins as well as light ends. Blue color is used around, making the origins go deep blue—almost black. Completions lighten to an outstanding color of sea blue. The medium size can be blow-dried right into adorable simple hairdos filled with mermaid magic.

30. Pink Bow Hairstyle

Mermaid Hair 30

Womanly as well as teasing, this is just one of the loveliest hair shades we’ve seen in the mermaid hair shade fad. Begin with light blonde hair as well as use the hair color around. The outcome is lovely. For a wonderful design, draw back a couple of spins of hair and pin them in position with a pink bow.

31. Very long Pink Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 31

This wonderful, wonderful design makes us think about fairy floss, yard roses, as well as obviously, mermaids. Pink makes a large declaration in this lengthy, streamlined appearance. Hair needs to be treated with a thermal-protecting item prior to being level ironed. Use a sparkle product as the last touch.

32. Purple Beachy Braid

Mermaid Hair 32

This is for mermaids that desire the best beachy appearance! Enjoyable purple highlights touch with blonde and platinum hair for an informal as well as wayward design. Obtain this appearance by scrunching moist hair with salt spray—or even better, actual sea water. Collect hair from the sides as well as draw back right into an untidy, sideways French braid.

33. Black to Blue Ombre

Mermaid Hair 33

Hair goes from all-natural to fantastic with this ocean-inspired color of blue. Dark hair has just the reduced fifty percent lightened, and afterwards blue-green shade is used around. The outcome is a mystical dark color from the roots including the shoulders. Below, the blue-green hair color takes control of. The outcome is lovely.

34. Orange Ombre Hair

Mermaid Hair 34

This fantastic design attracts attention of the mermaid group. It starts with deep coral-pink shade with violet lowlights. The hair color is drawn with blonde ends, leaving the reduced fifty percent of the hair size the shade of rosé white wine. Lastly, the hair is styled in loosened waves with a couple of swirls pinned occasionally to flaunt the shade.

35. Pink Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 35

Pink hair goes severe with this extraordinary saturated color task. Your hair should be an also, light shade to start with to attain this intense color, so it might be essential to entirely bleach your hair prior to using the hair color. The intense fuchsia pink color is special as well as would certainly lighten up almost every complexion.

36. Medium Size Mermaid Hair in Purple

Mermaid Hair 36

Not every mermaid has the right type type of hair. Women with shoulder-length locks can participate this fantastic shade fad, as well. The secret is locating your preferred mermaid shade. In this instance, dark hair goes enchanting with tones of purple as well as lavender. The outcome is an enjoyable visual that’s all mermaid!

37. Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid Hair 37

Enjoyable as well as flirty, this design paints hair with a rainbow of mermaid shades. Each color is vivid as well as saturated. Warm pink blends right into purple, which paves the way to blue as well as lastly brings out green. Completions have simply a little shade left, providing a light green, slender result. We enjoy adorable simple hairdos with this shade!

38. Pink Ombre Waves

Mermaid Hair 38

Long, thick hair goes lovely with this fantastic hair color. The shade is used over her initial dark roots as well as lightened ends. The result is an ideal pink ombre that changes slowly from the inmost fuchsia to the lightest infant pink. The head-turning pink shade is finest displayed with lengthy layers crinkled right into charming waves.

39. Purple as well as Pink Medium Bob

Mermaid Hair 39

Perfect for penalty, slim hair! The design begins with a chin-length upside down bob, with hair somewhat much shorter in back than front. 2 tones of hair color are used. Purple on the top blends right into reefs pink on completions. The hair is after that texturized as well as curved around a level iron to attain this informal appearance.

40. Purple Hair

Mermaid Hair 40

Dark, thick hair goes mermaid with this application of abundant purple shade. Normally dark hair requires to be lightened initially to attain this appearance. The purple fills the hair from origins to suggestions, with tips of pink at the lightest areas. This fantastic design looks fantastic burnt out as well as covered with luster product, or collected right into a loosened French Braid.

41. Silver Waves

Mermaid Hair 41

If you assumed you required expansions to attain mermaid hair, reconsider. Also, slim hair can look enchanting with the right cut as well as shade. In this design, trendy silver on the leading layers mixes with light pink in the remainder of the hair. The split cut is freely crinkled with a level iron to flaunt the shades.

42. Purple as well as Pink Ombre Waves

Mermaid Hair 42

Dark hair goes mermaid with this extraordinary shade fad. Origins are filled with deep purple, which changes along the size of the hair to fuchsia and afterwards sweet pink at the ends. This fantastic shade would certainly look fantastic in any type of design, however long, loosened waves flaunt the shades best.

43. Blue-Breen Braid

Mermaid Hair 43

This design takes its motivation from the sea’s most beautiful tones of blue as well as green. Intenseb blue-green roots discolor right into a mild sea foam green that’s drawn with throughout. Hair that’s been appropriately conditioned as well as thermal-treated will certainly remain healthy and balanced as well as glossy sufficient to flaunt in a high braid such as this.

44. Pink Ombre Hair Bow

Mermaid Hair 44

Mermaids simply wish to have a good time! That’s just how you’ll really feel in this teasing design. It maintains redhead origins dark, and afterwards changes lightened ends in an ideal ombre result from fuchsia to reefs to fade pink. Improve this appearance by linking hair from the crown right into a bow with crinkled ends hanging.

45. Sea Blue Hair

Mermaid Hair 45

Like the sea after a tornado, this color of blue is deep as well as mystical. Dark hair requires to be lightened prior to the abundant blue color is used. The hair is after that reduced right into lengthy layers as well as styled right into loosened waves. Include a sparkle item to improve the shade. The result is pure mermaid elegance.

46. Long Blue Ombre Hair

Mermaid Hair 46

This mermaid design takes motivation from the shades of sea waves as well as sea foam. Dark origins lighten to blue with light, nearly silver highlights along the size. Completions are the lightest color of infant blue. It’s important to maintain ultra-long hair such as this appropriately conditioned as well as to utilize thermal security items whenever designing.

47. Color Hair

When you can’t pick which mermaid hair shade is your preferred, pick them both! This trendy appearance is attained with warm pink shade related to the leading fifty percent of the hair, with blue-green taking control of at the ends. Lengthy layers are maintained loosened as well as provided simply a little structure with a salt spray. Scrunch while it dries out to obtain this informal, beachy appearance.

48. Pastel Ombre Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 47

Soft, fragile, as well as ultra-feminine, this design is pure mermaid magic. Hair should be lightened to almost white to start with. After that, the lightest colors of pink, blue, as well as green are redyed right into the hairs. A lengthy, easy braid is twisted around the head as well as pinned in position to finish this charming design.

49. Blue-Green Ombre Hair with Fishtail

Mermaid Hair 48

Influenced by the shades of the sea, this gorgeous appearance originates from blue-green hair color related to attain a refined ombre result. The outcome is a lengthy design that goes from a brilliant color on the top to a soft color at the ends. Draw hair far from the face as well as plait right into a lengthy fishtail braid that hangs down the back.

50. Pixie Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 49

Also women with pixie cuts can participate the mermaid shade fad! Super brief hair is cut enclose the back as well as clipped a couple of inches long on the top to produce this trendy design. Teal hair color is related to the longer areas for a significant pop of shade…