Natural makeup: tutorial and pictures

Posted on Oct 17 2014 - 9:06am by Jennifer

Natural makeup is a beauty secret to look great and fresh at any time, by giving the impression that, in fact, you are not wearing any makeup at all. Follow our steps to learn how to apply this kind of makeup which can enhance your natural beauty.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup can help you make the others perceive your real beauty and attractiveness, it can also improve your image at a job interview by seeming healthy, honest and serious on your tasks and also increases your self-esteem. Plus, if you use correctly the specific products, your skin might seem younger, because they have elements which protects it against various factors. You can look amazing every day without effort and without spending money at a beauty salon, just by learning a few important steps:

A clear skin
First of all, you need to wash your face – use cleanse and a cloth to exfoliate your skin in a soft way. Then, moisturize and use a tinted lotion with sun protection to even out your skin tone. The lotion must be sheer (not like the foundation) and you can apply it as regular moisturizer. After that, use a thin layer of concealer for natural makeup, to hide the visible under eye circles and other areas of your face that need coverage. Shiny face needs an oil–absorbing powder; you must skip the moisturizing part if you have a very oily skin and use the rest of the products.

natural make up

• Warm colours
When you want to get a natural makeup, opt for peach or pink cream blush for the cheeks, because they offer you a little flush that looks subtle, but natural. For the eyes, choose a soft brownish eye shadow, a little bit darker than your skin, to enhance its beauty. Make sure to apply it along the lower lashes too, and try to avoid the appearance of the hard edges. You can choose a champagne hue if you want your eyes to appear brighter. For a better definition of the eyes (especially for an evening look), you may create discrete dots with an eye pencil between the top lashes. For lips, you may get a little long lasting sheer lipstick or gloss in the exact same colour of your lips; it is better if you press it with your fingertips and blend it out.

natural eye makeup

• Defined lashes
Enhance your lashes by using a proper mascara. This part is essential for the natural makeup. You can skip the eye shadows or the eye liner, but mascara is something you must always use when you want to have a natural look. You need to apply to coats of mascara to the top lashes. Keep in mind that if you have dark hair, you must use brownish black mascara, and if you have blond hair, then choose a brown one.

Video tutorial for Natural makeup

Natural makeup pictures

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