Makeup for green eyes – tips and tricks

Posted on Jul 24 2014 - 7:12pm by Jennifer

The makeup for green eyes must be carefully chosen. It is a well-known fact that the green eyes are more rare than the brown or the blue ones. This aspect makes them even more attractive, but it can be hard to choose the right colours to match them. In this article, we show you what are the most appropriate colours to enhance your emerald eyes.

Makeup for green eyes

The makeup for green eyes can be tricky. You need to adapt for every day, but you must also be prepared for different occasions or events so there are a few important things to find out. Your mystical green eyes will change their shades according to some colour effects. Here are some ideas to inspire you in choosing the right colours for your beautiful green eyes.

Eye shadow

First of all, you must apply a natural (or matte) colour base coat over the entire eyelid (stick to hues from beige to champagne shades) and then add the makeup for green eyes consisting in the eye shadow colour. Green eyes look amazing with contrasting purple, so you can explore its hues when you do your eye shadows. It is a very good choice if you try deep plum eye shadow, because it makes the green eyes appear more widen. If you consider that deep purple is too bold, you can try a grayish-lavender eye shadow. Other lovely colours that match with green eyes are the dark tones as earthy brown, lavender, liliac, green, but some of the light ones are also very good, for example gold hues. Avoid silver and choose other metallic colours like bronze and copper for an evening out. Other colours that work well with green eyes are mint shades, yellow and tan hues.

makeup colors for green eyes

Eye liner

We recommend you to avoid the black eye liner when it comes to green eyes. It is preferable to go with browns or grey instead, because they are softer, not extreme and they amplify the size of green eyes. Try mossy green hues and metal brown for a smouldering effect or purple and plum if you want softness. For every day wear, it is best to choose an eye liner in a soft tone, like chocolate brown or espresso hue. For parties, you can try plum or gold eye liner. Gold metallic eye liner is also a very interesting choice: apply it to the upper and the lower line of the lash line, then skip the eye shadow, add mascara on curled lashes and you will look fantastic because gold highlights the green eyes without looking harsh.

eyeshadow for green eyes


Opt for Make-Up for green eyes with brown tones of mascara, because they do not overpower your eyes. You can use mascara with or without eye shadows, because it looks great even when you want a natural look. You can use black mascara only if you have dark hair, otherwise we recommend you to choose purple, copper or green.

Eye Make-up video Tutorial for Green Eyes

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