Makeup for brown eyes

Posted on Jul 24 2014 - 10:41am by Jennifer

The makeup for brown eyes is very diversified because there are various shades of brown eyes: amber brown, light or dark chocolate, light brown and hazel. Generally, the brown eyes look amazing with most colours, but there are certain ones that really create an advantage, by highlighting your iris.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes tips and tricks:

Eye shadow

Brown-eyed girls are so lucky, because they can wear different colours of eye shadows to look gorgeous:

  • Purple is the most famous colour for eye shadows when it comes to makeup for brown eyes, because is their contrasting colour in the colour wheel.
  • Royal blue is cool for brown eyes too, not only for the blue ones. It is a contrasting colour as well as purple. Cobalt blue looks hot if you have light brown eyes. Purple and royal blue make the whites of brown eyes seem brighter.
  • Yellow, shimmering gold, metallic copper and the bronze tinted hues are perfect for the hazel brown eyes, especially if they have gold reflections. You can wear them in pair with dark purple or navy blue if you want.
  • Try pink if you want something strong.
  • Teals are also very good choices.
  • Other contrasting cool tones are silver ones, but be carefully to wear them under the lower lash line in contrast with dark tones.
  • Brown is the most appropriate if you want a natural makeup for brown eyes for your eyes, because you cannot go to work or to school with purple makeup or other intense eye shadows. If you really want some highlights, wear under the lower lash line a little contrasting colour like teal. You could also wear peach.
  • Green makes hazel brown eyes appear to be more green. If you opt for teal green, you will see how amazing and vibrant looks on you.

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  • The brown eyes are highlighted by the white eye liner, but only when is combined with some metallic tones as eye shadows.
  • Champagne eye liner is also an excellent choice.
  • Black eyeliner is perfect in the makeup for brown eyes, especially if you want to create a dramatic look and make your eyes shine by contrast.


  • The black mascara is the most convenient choice. It is perfect in everyday wear, especially when you need to have a natural look. Black usually thickens and lengthens the lashes and makes your brown eyes appear more bright.
  • Instead of the classic black mascara, try something different, like the purple or plum eye liner and you will see a big difference in how the brown in your eyes will be enhanced. These are the best choices for different events or parties when you have to impress.
  • When you use makeup for brown eyes and you chose strong colours, do not forget to keep the rest of your face to minimal colours: for example, opt for neutral hues when it comes to lips and cheeks.

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