Katy Perry makeup tutorial and photos

Posted on Nov 3 2014 - 10:13am by Jennifer

Who doesn’t know Katy Perry? She is a very popular celebrity well known all around the world. Anyone would like to achieve her popularity and her fame. Don’t worry if you won’t be famous today! We will help you achieve something else: we will help you look like her. Yes! We’ll show you how to achieve a Katy Perry look in no time.

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If you like her makeup, then it’s time to learn how to do it. All you need are some general advice to help you. Following these next tips you will achieve a Katy Perry makeup. You will look fantastic and you will be admired by everyone around you if you chose this look.

Is it hard to get a Katy Perry look?

The answer is :no. It is not hard at all. You must keep in mind that she likes wearing very bright colours but there are times when she uses natural shades as well. As you can see, katy Perry is one of those stars who can look great wearing both natural and bringht makeup.

Katy Perry makeup

If she has to wear coloured clothes she opts for a natural makeup and if she has a casual, simple outfit she choses a more impressive makeup.

Another interesting fact about Katy Perry is that she doesn’t change her makeup according to her hair colour. Even if her hair is pink or green she always has a beautiful makeup. She likes a clean, flawless skin, defined brows, mascara and of course lipstick or lip gloss and of course, she likes cat eyes.

For her cat eyes she likes using a black eyeliner. That is how she achieves a dramatic effect.
She also pays much attention to her brows because she likes them to frame her gorgeous blue eyes.

katy perry without makeup

She has an oily skin and that is why she selects very carefully the foundation she uses as a makeup base. She must hydrate her skin before applying her foundation. She uses an oil free foundation that can pull oil and sweat away from the face.

Her overall look looks great every time and it suits very well her strong personality. It is a perfect look that will help you become the center of attention every time you leave the house.

Katy Perry makeup video tutorial

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