Cleopatra makeup tutorial and pictures

Posted on Sep 23 2014 - 3:14pm by Jennifer

Cleopatra makeup is very special. Cleopatra is still a beauty icon and many famous makeup artists try to achieve her makeup. She is the woman who remained in history because of her beauty; she had a dramatic, elegant and sensual makeup which can be worn in the evening, at a sophisticated party with a matching outfit.

Cleopatra eyes makeup

Cleopatra makeup represents a gorgeous look. Here is what you have to do in order to achieve the same makeup as the beautiful Cleopatra. Read the following step-by-step tutorial and you will obtain this look very fast. Our recommendation is to use quality products for an efficient result.

Required products: a base, concealer, foundation, face powder, brushes, eye shadows (cream, gold or blue), black eyeliner for eyes and eyebrows, blush, lipstick or gloss (as you prefer).

What to you have to do to obtain a Cleopatra makeup

1. First of all, you need a porcelain complexion. Your skin must be completely clean. So wash your face, apply a moisturizing cream, a makeup base and a concealer for your dark circles and nose. Then, apply foundation on your face, necklace line and cleavage. You must apply a face powder if you have skin problems like: pimple, blemishes or oily skin. It is very important to use products according to your type of skin.

Cleopatra makeup

2. Apply then your eye shadow. Start by applying the cream eye shadow on the whole mobile eyelid, and then emphasize your eyes with stronger colours like, for example, the gold and blue combination.

3. Using your black eyeliner, draw a straight line along the upper and lower eyelashes. Do not stop at the outer corner of the eye, but continue with the upper eyelid. Finish this step with a tail in order to obtain a more dramatic makeup.

Emphasize your eyebrows
4. The next step is to emphasize your eyebrows. This is a very important part of a Cleopatra makeup. You must accentuate your eyebrows. Use a special eyebrows pencil or a blush in a shade close to the colour of your eyebrow. Draw fine lines, and be careful not to press too much. Start with the inner corner of the eyebrow, and then continue until you reach the outer corner. Do not exaggerate and don’t exceed the natural line of your eyebrows in order to obtain a false and ugly look.

Cleopatra black makeup

What about your lips?
5. Another very important step of a Cleopatra makeup consists in applying a lipstick or a gloss, as you prefer. Use warm, natural shades like rose, cream, beige or peach. If you decide to apply a gloss, use a transparent one.

6. You can also accentuate your cheekbones with a brown or pink blush, according to your skin type, to look absolutely fabulous.

Cleopatra is still a model for many women all over the world, and if you want to look like this wonderful woman, you have to follow our ideas and you will most certainly get everyone’s attention and admiration. Don’t be afraid and try a Cleopatra makeup, because is something different, an iconic image of beauty and you will obtain the same mysterious and attractive look.

Cleopatra makeup video tutorial

Cleopatra make up