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80s makeup tutorial – how to do 80s makeup

by Jennifer
80s makeup

80s makeup uses bold and daring colours for achieving a powerful look. What makes it different from other styles is the fact that it focuses upon makeup experiments and you can express your personality. Modern makeup artists preserved the cool essence of this decade and now you can inspire yourself and try this awesome vintage look, following our advices.

80s makeup

Have fun and try the ‘80s makeup, a vivid period full of excitement. If you want an eccentric look, recreated and adapted according to this decade, you must consider the following tips:

Heavy foundation and blush are characteristic to ‘80s makeup style, but they are out of fashion these days. However this does not mean that you cannot wear an alternative version of makeup which corresponds to the latest trends. Choose a light medium coverage foundation or a cream similar to the makeup base that you will wear, and if you want, you may also use some translucent powder. Apply a pink or coral cream blush in an angular way according to the ‘80s makeup and add a little colour to the apples of your cheeks; brush them softly toward the temples.

‘80s makeup focuses upon the dramatic eyes. There are two types of eye makeup you can use: either light rainbow hues or dark, strong shades like the smokey eye style. For an even more dramatic look, use the black eye liner. Opt for contrasting colours, chromatic clashes and saturated hues. Use the black eyeliner and electric blue, purple, greens, fuchsia and orange eye shadows. Finish by applying mascara – you can choose even teal colours, pink, violet or bright blue.

80s fashion makeup

Another characteristic element of the ‘80s makeup is the strong blusher for the cheeks, applied without blending the edges. Use bright pinks, corals, reds and bronze.

For the lips, try bright warm lipstick colours like light pink, red and orange hues. It is better to be very glossy.

The ’80s makeup was highlighted by the natural eyebrows. Tuck your eyebrows just as little as possible and do not use any other product for them.

Beauty marks
Madonna was the one who made popular the moles as beauty marks, so do not be afraid to put a black spot upon your face with a black liner and soften it with a brown shadow. If you already have moles, even better!

80s makeup video tutorial

80s girl makeup 80s hair and makeup 80s punk makeup eye makeup for brown eyes

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