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Leo horoscope 2019: will be a successful year for Leo

by Jennifer
Leo horoscope 2019

The biggest ally Leo has in 2019 is Jupiter. Jupiter will influence this sign until August 11/2019 and it seems that it will bring good luck, optimism, and expansion. This planet will make Leo feel that nothing is too difficult to accomplish. These people will see the positive side of things, they will have a big sense of humor and they will accept new people and new ideas in their life. Also, Leo will become more generous and sincere in 2019.

People born in Leo will have the chance to travel more in 2019. It is possible they will travel to more exotic destinations that usual. They will come in contact with foreigners, with multinational companies and they will set long distance relationships.

Jupiter will also influence Leo to get involved more in the educational activities or in the scientific ones, or cultural and spiritual ones. In the first half of the year 2019, Jupiter will combine its power with Saturn and together they will allow Leo to be more strategic and stabile in their actions. These two planets will also influence Leo’s love life and they can even bring a new baby into their lives.

Love horoscope Leo 2019

Saturn will influence Sagittarius starting with December 2018 and this is the reason why Leos will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy their personal life. There can still appear some difficulties between June and September 2019. But if couples communicate more, they will be able to surpass these simple problems. Saturn will bring life, sexuality and maybe children in Leo’s life. These people will enjoy some beautiful moments in 2019.

Some unexpected situations may appear that will favor Leo from any point of view. Uranus wants independence and originality, so things will work out perfect for Leo as long as the couple is open to new experiences and if their partners will respect each other’s independence.

On the other hand, Uranus can surprise everyone from time to time. People born under this sign must be aware of this because they can suddenly end or start a relationship.

Another interesting fact is that Saturn will combine with Jupiter in the first half of the year and they will bring happiness and emotional fulfillment for these people.

Those who are still alone have the chance to meet their half in 2019.

January 2019 is by far the most favorable month for Leo in terms if love but the most exciting part of the year will be between June and October 2019, when Venus will be almost continuously in this sign. Altogether, 2019 is the year when love is in the air for Leo.

Career horoscope Leo 2019

2019 will be a successful year for Leo. These people will enjoy the support given by three powerful planets: Uranus, Saturn and especially Jupiter. Uranus will support these persons in an intellectual way between 2011 and 2019. This planet will allow Leo to see things in a more progressive way and it will make these people more inventive and interested in knowledge. They will want to travel more, to get in touch with new people and far places. Uranus also encourages social activities and new discoveries, both physical ones and spiritual ones.

Saturn will support Leo between 2019 and 2019. Saturn is a master of control and strategy and it will give these people strength of character, realism, maturity, and tenacity. All these precious qualities will allow Leos to reach their goals.

Jupiter is the other important planet that will influence this sign until August 2019. Jupiter will give these people vitality, enthusiasm, courage and good luck. This planet will stimulate people born in Leo to think more intense, to engage in new projects and to overcome their limits. Jupiter will also give these people more goodwill, social sense, a good spirit of analysis and of course coordination and management skills. It will also bring new opportunities that will help Leo succeed in everything…

The second half of the year will bring Leo many opportunities and the means to reach all the goals. Leo will have great success in March, April, May, August and September 2019, but he most active month from the financial point of view will be October 2019.

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