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Taurus horoscope 2019

by Jennifer
Taurus horoscope 2019

For Taurus people, the year 2019 looks very promising in terms of love, property and intimate relationships. In the first half of the year, those born under the Taurus sign will enjoy many happy moments with their families and their close friends. Some of them will have the chance to move in into a much bigger house, others will build, renovate or redecorate a house.

In 2019 real estate investments are very profitable and some new assets can be purchased. Some people will win big prizes or they will find some important treasures. Taurus enjoys the support of their families and parents; that is the reason why their homes are very comfortable, full of love and understanding. Some of the people born under this sign will be able to become parents and those who are already parents will be proud of their kids.

After two years of pressure and problems, Taurus will finally relax and they will enjoy a whole year of opportunities and success. They will reach their targets and make some old dreams come true. Also, they will start new friendships and business partnerships. However, some problems may come to their attention in June-September 2019, but they will be soon resolved or clarified.

Love horoscope

In 2018, those born in Taurus got rid of Saturn’s influence over their love life. This influence started in 2017 and brought pressure and many problems. Everything will end in 2018, and in 2019 lessons will be learned and conclusions will be drawn. Couples will communicate more, they will pay more attention to their loved one and the things will start to work just fine. Taurus will become more sensual and he will attract many interesting people.

The downside is that Saturn will influence Taurus again in mid-June 2019, and it will bring some difficulties in the next three months. During this time, another astral event of great significance will happen: Jupiter will start to influence Taurus love life from August 11, 2018, until August 2019. This means that Taurus will have the chance to experience romantic and very sensual situations.

The last 3 months of 2019 will represent the most intense period of the year because Venus will join forces with Jupiter and they will bring many happy moments with special people.

Career horoscope

In 2019, the career of those born in Taurus will go through a process of reconsideration of priorities or revaluation of older projects. These people will make some important changes in their careers. They will start to negotiate their position; they will communicate more and will establish new business relationships…

There is one fact that needs to be considered at the beginning of the year 2019: Taurus people should be more careful when making important decisions between January 5th and March 13th. In 2019, people born in Taurus will win a lot of money. They can make some investments and they can spend on new clothes or even a new car. As long as all the money is spent in a smart way, everything will be perfect.

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