Libra horoscope 2015

Posted on Dec 2 2014 - 5:23pm by Jennifer

Libra horoscope 20152015 comes just like a long-awaited vacation for Libras after the tempestuous 2014. Many people born in Libra had various difficulties in the past year and it was about time to end these problems. Saturn and Jupiter didn’t support Libra in 2014, but this year everything will change, which is a big deal.

In 2015, relationships are very important for these people, whether we’re talking about love relationships or marriage or friendships. Uranus will influence Libra to search for original things, for modernity and originality. That is why Libra will be more non-conformist and will enjoy freedom more in 2015.

Jupiter will influence Libra very much this year and it will favor friendships, group or social activities, the involvement in events that bring people with common interests and hobbies together. Jupiter will also bring many funny and happy events for these people.

Between December 2014 and December 2017 Saturn will make Libra concentrate more, will allow it to think more objectively, to study and to develop strategies. 2015 is a good year for knowledge and for establishing new relationships. These people must open themselves to new and unexpected things and they must learn how to communicate and share with the others.

Love horoscope Libra 2015

Compared to the previous year, which was a very difficult one for Libra, 2015 is a much more relaxed year that will bring some positive changes and happy events.
Uranus will influence Libra’s couple and love life in a favorable way. Libra will bring something refreshing and new in these couples. It is even possible that a new relationship will appear or the existing one will become stronger.

If there are some people involved in relationships who don’t work anymore because of differences and incompatibility, they will definitely end in 2015. In this case, the ending must not be seen as a drama but rather as a release. A stage will end and another one begins, probably a more interesting and motivating one.

As a general rule, while Uranus will influence Libra nothing is permanent, everything can change very fast. If these people want their love life and their marriage to work, they must escape from the routine, they must always bring something new into the relationship. Libras must respect their partners’ freedom and protect their own at the same time.

2015 can bring love and passion into Libra’s life, because of Mars influence combined with Venus, which is the planet of love. The hottest periods of the year are from February to April 2015, from June to September and in November.

Career horoscope

The good news from the career point of view is the Libra’s financial situation will improve. In the past two years or even more, Saturn influenced Libra’s incomes and many people had to face some restraints, delays, damage or other material inconveniences.

In 2015, the situation becomes more relaxed and the money flow will increase. Some problems may appear between June and September 2015 when Saturn influences Libra again, but although during this time caution is required things will start working again very soon.

In the rest of the year, Saturn will influence knowledge and intellectual concerns, but also communication and movement. Saturn also favors remarkable, deep actions. People born under the Libra sign will become more serious, more patient and more responsible and they will leave aside frivolity and superficiality.

Libra’s interests become more serious in 2015 and his/her ability to learn and discover will be oriented to areas that require persistence, concentration and an analytical mind. It is the perfect time for studies.

Until the middle of August 2015, Jupiter will stimulate social interactions such as the participation in conferences or public events or in group actions. Jupiter protects Libra and it can give him/her support in reaching goals, popularity, fans and followers.

Overall, 2015 is the perfect time for new partnerships. In order to achieve success in 2015 Libra must set goals, strategies and must be organized and disciplined.