Vintage Hairstyles for all type of parties

Posted on Nov 1 2014 - 2:20pm by Jennifer

Why choose vintage hairstyles? Because vintage means immortal beauty, fashion and hairstyles that guarantee a stylish look. The most popular vintage hairstyles are the ones inspired by great stars and the ones that don’t respect any rules.

Vintage Hairstyles

If you are one of those women inspired by a vintage beauty, you should pay attention to some famous vintage hairstyles. We guarantee you will try one of these hairstyles!

Vintage hairstyles which never get old

Vintage looks for brunettes

You can try a Louise Brooks look: a very well structured bob with feminine lines. This is a perfect hairstyle for brunette girls who are looking for a stylish and chic look. This hairstyle can be adapted to any hair length and can benefit any face.


Vintage looks for redheads

If you are looking for a sexier hairstyle, you should pay attention to the one adopted by Rita Hayworth in the 40s. This sensual redhead introduced for the first time the term “sex symbol”. Redheads became very attractive and they were considered a fashion icon. If you are a redhead and you are looking for a vintage hairstyle you can try a Hayworth look: some tight waves and long strands. This hairstyle is very feminine and delicate.

Vintage looks for redheads

Vintage looks for blondes

If you are a blonde woman you can try a Marilyn Monroe vintage hairstyle. Her immortal look characterized by loose waves which fit perfectly her face is still adopted by many celebrities. So, why shouldn’t you choose this kind of look? This is a real vintage hairstyle, a classic, feminine and sensual look worth trying.

Vintage looks for blondes

Vintage looks for special occasions

If you are planning to attend a special event soon, you can try a great vintage hairstyle: a Grace Kelly style. This is a beautiful and sensual style that many women all over the world choose. This style actually consists in a simple bun with an elegant loop. It’s a real princess hairstyle, which harmonizes perfectly with any face. As mentioned, you can wear this hairstyle at any special event.

Vintage looks for special occasions

Try the vintage hairstyle that best suits you and your needs!

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