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Pixie hairstyles – Top 10 Pixie haircut pictures

by Jennifer
Pixie hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles are very popular and they will be trendy in 2015 too. If you are looking for a radical change, or if you want to try a new pixie, then this article is right what you need. Pay attention to our photo gallery and suggestions below to discover the most beautiful pixie hairstyles you might want to wear next.

Pixie hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles can be adjusted to flatter most face shapes. Many women consider that a pixie cut makes them look younger and they are very easy to maintain, so they are perfect for those who are always busy and in a hurry, if they do not have enough time to spend in the front of a mirror every day to try complex hairstyles. Plus, these kinds of comfortable hairstyles are perfect for the women with thin hair, or for those who cannot grow it longer. Pixie haircuts match very well also to those women who are strong, confident, independent, and brave and they add a sexy vibe.

Advices for pixie hairstyles

There are some rules and tips one must take into consideration before choosing to wear pixie hairstyles. Read them carefully:

• The short, fine hair can look flat and limp in a pixie hairstyle; therefore, the best solution to avoid this situation is to ask your hairstylist to cut your short layers in a manner to seem more lively and thicker. Another option is to curl your straight hair.

• Women with round or long face shape must choose pixie hairstyles with flat on top with wavy sides. If this is your case, ask your hairstylist to cut uneven tips because these create a flattering look for you.

super short pixie hairstyles

• A long layered, sleek bang will create the effect of face framing when we talk about a pixie hairstyle.

• If you want a funky vibe to your pixie cut, use a small amount of professional styling product, pour it in your palms and then, with the help of your fingers, add more texture to your hair, to obtain various styles, depending on your preferences.

Stunning pixie hairstyles

Contrary to what many people think, there are a lot of various ways to style a pixie cut and these kinds of hairstyles look amazing in any circumstances because of their versatility. So this means you can wear a pixie everywhere and be admired for it. You can have a vintage pixie hairstyle with short bangs, a modern one with or without longer bangs, one with side fringes, an eccentric pixie with choppy layers, a stylish pixie bob, one with sharp angles, or other hot adaptations of a pixie cut.

short pixie hairstyles

Those women who consider the pixie hairstyles too masculine must discover there are many options to add a feminine touch and to achieve an elegant pixie. For example, you can add a cute hair band, or romantic bows, shiny hair jewelry or other classy hair accessories which will make you look glamorous!  You can have any hair colour you want, because there are plenty styling options which will look great on each of you.

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