Easy hairstyles: images and ideas

Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 9:08am by Jennifer

Easy hairstyles are the key if you want to style your hair in a simple manner, especially if you are in a hurry or you do not have patience for the complex styles. In this article, we present you some ideas of how you can obtain a cool hairstyle without too much effort.

cute and easy hairstyles

Easy hairstyles do not require special skills. You can do them yourself, without going to a specialist. Ponytails, braids, up-dos and loose hairstyles, they are all good choices if you do not have much time to spend in front of a mirror! If you do not want a boring hairstyle, you can always add a twist to change the aspect and look simple, but innovative. You only need minimum skills to create hairstyles without effort, a few or none hair products and bobby pins or other hair accessories, according to your taste and preferences.

cute easy hairstyles for school

Ponytails are very easy hairstyles. They can be worn everywhere and they can be adapted to any situation, from the situation where you must wear a sophisticated outfit, to a regular day when you wear casual jeans and t-shirt. So you will not make a mistake if you choose them. Obtain for a chunky, textured ponytail by amping up a classic ponytail and using a curling iron. If you want something different, then make an illusion ponytail by covering up the elastic with a pinned up strand of hair; this is very formal. For a volume hairstyle, try a messy ponytail. You can add ribbons or hair accessories to avoid having a boring ponytail hairstyle. The retro styles are very trendy this season, so you can create an inverse ponytail with a hair roll – you will look incredible!
Braids are also a big trend this season. They are not so hard to create and you will convince yourself this thing if you choose to wear these kinds of hairstyles. From a regular braid which derivates from a ponytail, to a fish braid, there are so many options! Try a Dutch braid or an inside-out French braid because they are easy hairstyles to start with in the morning. If you want to make a quick braid, then create a side braid which will offer you a bohemian-inspired look. Choose these easy hairstyles if you want to impress!

easy braid hairstyles

Loose hairstyles
These kinds of easy hairstyles can be obtained rapidly with the help of a curling iron or by simply curling your hair by wearing braids when you sleep and losing them in the morning. The results are fabulous: bouncy curls with no effort! Use a flat iron to create the curls in the shape you desire, or a curling iron for big, spiral or other kind of curls.

If you want quick and easy hairstyles, then the up-dos are really good choices. The regular bun is a classic, elegant option and it fits all face shapes, perfect for work. Opt for a feminine messy bun if you want to be casual, trendy, sock bun when you go out with your friends.

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