Most beautiful Black Women Hairstyles

Posted on Nov 3 2014 - 10:02am by Jennifer

Everyone knows that black women have gorgeous hair. Who wouldn’t want a thick hair with great volume? And many women spend hours and hours in salons trying to achieve this look and their hairstyles. We want to give you a hand and tell you more about black women hairstyles. Find out some useful information and get ready to achieve this look.

Black Women Hairstyles

Popular black women hairstyles you can try


One classic way that black women style their hair is braiding. This is a great idea that helps them keep their hair neat and under control. But even if this hairstyle is very popular there are some other great hairstyles that black women love to wear.
Here are some of them:

Black Women Braids

Hairstyles with bangs

Stars like Tyra Banks love this hairstyle. A long and straight hair combined with bangs will look adorable. A hairstyle with bangs totally changes a woman’s appearance. You should also know that this look matches every face shape.

Black Women Hairstyles with bangs

Another style worth trying is the bob. This is a sophisticated and feminine hairstyle which helps you to achieve both an elegant and a wild look. This is a versatile haircut that allows many changes and black women just love it.

Black Women Hairstyles Bob

Pixie Cut

An easy and modern hairstyle! A pixie haircut makes a women look sexy and many black women chose it. This is one hairstyle that never gets old. If a women wants to become a star she can chose an asymmetrical pixie cut.

Black Women Hairstyles Pixie Cut

Straight Hair

Although black women are known for their thick and big hair, there are some who prefer a straight hair and thanks to straightening irons, they can easily achieve this look. There is no need for chemicals in order to achieve this style. Celebrities like Beyonce look great every time they wear their hair straight and sleek.

Black Women Hairstyles Straight Hair

These are the most popular black women hairstyles. Try them, draw the attention and feel wonderful each time you wear them!

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