20 Short Natural Hairstyles easy to do

Posted on Nov 3 2014 - 12:29pm by Jennifer

Are you looking for a casual and natural hairstyle? Then you are in the right place. A short natural hairstyle is what you are looking for. If you take a look at celebrities like Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham or Charlize Theron, you will see that short hairstyles are very popular. Many stars chose this kind of hairstyle and wear it with grace and confidence.

Short Natural Hairstyles 2015

Try a short natural hairstyle and look like a star.
Find out more about this hairstyle and decide if you want it or not.

This season promotes hairstyles with simple shapes and natural textures, which is why trends in hair color also tend to be simple and natural. There are several directions, but all keep the same defining feature: lightness. Trends in hairstyles announce us that the star of the season is the long hair, but not all women are willing to give up their short hairstyles easily.

If you have decided to wear a short natural hairstyle you should know that a pixie, a garçon’s, an androgynous or a punk inspired look is what you need.

Short Natural Hairstyles

Short natural hairstyles that suit your face

Short hairstyles suit any type and shape of face. But there are some things you should know about short hairstyles in order to highlight different features or hide some flaws. Also, these versatile hairstyles are suitable both for straight and curly hair.

Short natural hairstyles

One of the most controversial haircuts for short hair is the pixie hairstyle. This style was made famous by Emma Watson, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry.

Another popular short hairstyle is the boyish one. Adopting this style you can look younger. This haircut suits both straight and curly hair and it will highlight all your beautiful features.

very short natural hairstyles

If you are looking for a very feminine shirt hairstyle you must consider a short bob. You will see how you will draw everyone’s attention with this great style.

If you are a daring person you must try a short hairstyle with bangs. Stars like Kate Winslet or Rihanna love this style. So why shouldn’t you do the same?

As you can see, although many women prefer long hair, there are so many interesting and cool short natural hairstyles out there. You just have to select the one that suits you and your personality the best and make an appointment with tour hairstylist as soon as possible.

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