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20 latest and beautiful hairstyles for long hair

by Jennifer

Hairstyles for long hair have always been the most admired. They seem to never get out of fashion and year after year, they maintain their popularity, because many celebrities are wearing them with attitude. If you have long hair or you want to grow it, inspire yourself from the gorgeous hairstyles for long hair which we present you in this article and you will not regret it!

Hairstyles for long hair are beautiful, no matter if the hair is straight or wavy. Once you find out what are the best hairstyles for your face shape, you can try them – the results will be very satisfying. You may achieve even complicated hairstyles with the help of a professional stylist, or you might learn how to make them yourself, with special hair products, a lot of practice and patience. Long hair offers so many styling options! You will never get tired of wearing various hairstyles and you will be in the centre of attention wherever you will go. Everybody will surely admire you for your beautiful hairstyle.

hairstyles for long hair

Straight hair

There are a lot of hairstyles for long hair you can give a try, especially for the straight one, because it is very easy to play with in various styles. The long straight hair makes the face seem more luminous. You can add layers to flow down past your shoulders and choose a chic style which will be great, or cut angled ends. A healthy hair looks very good by itself, so you can always opt for a classic style. If you want something simple, but not boring, we suggest you to swirl a piece of hair to have a contrasting appearance, or try to braid it in different manners, catch it (for example, in a cute ponytail), or brush it on one side. These hairstyles create an advantage for women with long straight hair.

long hairstyles Straight hair

Wavy hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, then you can style it in many ways, for example half up, half down. Wavy hair usually looks as it has more volume than the regular straight one, so you might consider yourself lucky from this point of view.

long hairstyles Wavy hair


The curls are fascinating and make every woman look like a princess. No matter if you have natural curls or you obtain them, the hairstyles for long hair with curls draw the attention and offer you a refreshing look.

long hairstyles Curls


The hairstyles for long hair with bangs are fantastic and elegant. They offer you a sophisticated, classy look, full of refinement. This year, the side swept bangs is very trendy and sexy. Plus, the bangs gives a new, modern twist to any blunt haircut. If you want to cut a little bit of your long hair, but do not want a big change, a bangs is the right idea for you to try and see the awesome transformation and results; for example, you could opt for sleek blunt cut bangs, soft bangs round out at the temples, bold framing layers on the face – these make a bald statement.

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