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15 Pin up hairstyles easy to make

by Jennifer
Pin up hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles are representative for the 1940s. If you want to look amazing at a party, or at a cool night in the club, these hairstyles are great choices. Take a look at our suggestions and get ready to impress everyone with a fabulous retro-inspired look!

Pin up hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles define the way popular models and beautiful actresses from Hollywood used to wear their hair. They had to stand out, to look like divas. During the World War II, the soldiers pined up their photos to walls in sign of admiration, to brighten up their days. The vintage hairstyles never lose their beauty and the fashion comes back improved from time to time. These hairstyles are appropriate also for the bachelorette parties, for themed-party evenings, you can wear them for a professional photo shoot or a night out with your friends, so you have a lot of occasions where you can look great by wearing them. If you want to try these gorgeous hairstyles, we recommend you to read forward and to pay attention to our photos below.

vintage pin up hairstyles

Easy pin up hairstyles with volume

The following examples are perfect if you want some lovely styles to make on your own. You can take the original old styles as references and adapt them to modern days, because they are very trendy. The main difference is the old ones gave much more volume to the hair than the ones we recreate these days. In other words, you can give much volume to your hairstyle, but not in a exaggerate way.

There are different ways to obtain the volume for your hairstyle; you only need to pick up the one you prefer best.  For example, you can use professional hair spray, hair mousse or the efficient and simple bobby pins.

Rihanna Pin up hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles with curls

For these types of hairstyles, you can get inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s look. Who does not admire her originality? Her hairstyle will never go out of fashion, it is a timeless classic. Many models and celebrities get inspired form her versatile curls and they adapt them to match their personal style, because these curls easy to create and they stand at the basis of a lot of vintage hairstyles. Recreate the original look and add it a little twist. You can wear glamorous pin up curls, they are very easy to do, no matter the length of your hair.

prom pin up hairstyles

Pin up curls tutorial

Step 1
The first step is to take a section of hair and use a little gel on it. Make sure your hair is damp on the root, because this is the proper way your hair can be controlled.

Step 2
Step two consists in taking the same section around your finger and you can choose the direction of orientation of the curls.

Step 3
In step three, you must hold the respective curl against the scalp and slide it slowly off your finger.

Step 4
In step four, you must use a pin to hold the same curl in that place, so it cannot get loose.

Step 5
Step five is the last one, and it refers to allowing your hair to dry, because you have that gel in it. The best solution is to stay with the curls overnight. If you wish to have tight curls, then you must comb them less, and on the contrary, if you want the loose curls style, then use the brush a little more, until you achieve the look you desire.

If you are impressed by our recommendations of gorgeous pin up hairstyles, feel free to give them a try! The good results will make a strong impression on everybody and all men will turn their heads to see you when you are around them.

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