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15 Adorable Flower girl hairstyles

by Jennifer
Adorable Flower girl hairstyles

Flower girl hairstyles must be sweet and lovely. Take a closer look to our gallery and choose the best styles. These can be worn by any little girl or teenage lady at the wedding ceremony.

Adorable Flower girl hairstyles

Flower girl hairstyles are adorable and they must reflect innocence, because a flower girl is the little girl or the teenage girl who participates at the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the link between childhood and womanhood. She is either a member of the bride’s or the groom’s family, or just a close friend of them. Her responsibilities are to walk the aisle with her partner the page boy, in front of the bride and she carries basket with petals; sometimes she spreads them on the floor. It is believed this process brings prosperity and good luck to the newly married.

Any little girl and young lady must look great at a wedding, especially the flower girl which will be in the center of attention almost as much as the bride. The hair must look stylish, but in the same time it must be comfortable. Let’s see the appropriate hairstyles for a flower girl.

white flower girl dresses

Hairstyles for little girls

Take care of your little girl by choosing the cutest hairdo! There are many good options of hairstyles for little girls. These flower girl hairstyles will enhance her beauty and they will make everybody admire your precious daughter. The floral headpieces halos are very popular and your little girl will look like an angel. A large bow in the middle of the head will also make a good impression.

A pinned back hairstyle is very good and practical; you can use any cute hair accessory to keep the hair out of your little girl’s face – a hair band is a very good choice too. A heart crown braid will make an excellent choice, also the zigzag ponytails, the double halo braid and the knotted hairstyle for shorter hair. Other great creative ideas are the knotted bun with micro-braids, some nice curls achieved with the help of a no-heat method, a diagonal bow braid and many more.

toddler flower girl hairstyles

Hairstyles for teenage girls

These angelic flower girl hairstyles will look amazing on any teenage girl. The braids will make sensation and plus, they are very trendy. The braided flower up-do is also very appropriate for such special occasion. If the teenage girl has long, healthy hair, she may create a Rapunzel twist ponytail which can be achieved very easy by dividing the hair in two parts; one section must be braided, the other, twisted around the braided one and then both of them secured at the end.

The Celtic knot is very delicate and it will look amazing. A side-swept represents a simple look, but it will be easy to maintain and it is very appropriate if you have a dress with an intricate design. Other great ideas of flower girl hairstyles are the ones with fancy curls and loops, romantic layers, sleek styles with cute details, sweet fishtail on the side with some volume at the front above the forehead. These hairstyles will catch the eye and draw admiration!

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